New Client Terms & Conditions


The duration of this agreement will be for one year. At the end of the year, the contract will automatically renew for another year.

Client Responsibilities

The client will respond in a timely manner to The Content Funnel’s requests for information/feedback. The client agrees and acknowledges that time is of the essence when The Content Funnel makes a request for information and they agree to provide information requested by The Content Funnel no later than 3 (three) business days after the request. The client agrees that failure to provide timely information requested by The Content Funnel may result in delayed deadlines.


Clients can request three rounds of revisions for all content produced by The Content Funnel. The Content Funnel will work with the client in a reasonable manner (deemed reasonable by The Content Funnel) until the client is satisfied with all content produced.


All payments for services provided by The Content Funnel will be billed prior to services being rendered (beginning of the billing period). Payment to The Content Funnel is due upon receipt. If payments are late, The Content Funnel reserves the right to put account services on hold until payment is received.


All cancellations must give 30 day notice and must be submitted in writing. All content that is in production at time of cancellation will be billed.


The Content Funnel is owned and operated by The News Funnel, LLC