CREtech Influencer Group

CREtech Influencer Group


Do you have a big announcement, product launch or campaign coming up and you want your post to go “viral”? Do you want to get your hard work in front of a larger audience but don’t have the social media followers? Our influencers do! Our influencer program allows you to get your posts on the social media accounts of some of the most influential (and highly followed) professionals in the commercial real estate industry. You provide the post and our influencers will literally promote your product or service to their large follower base.

Don’t just be a part of the audience… take the spotlight and shine!

Our Influencers are broken into categories by industry sector. When you select an industry, your post will be distributed on the social media platforms of the influencers within that group. Please submit your post information, and click to pay! Remember to share, share, share once your post goes live on our Influencer's social media platform(s)! This is your time to shine so make sure to grab it!

Terms & Conditions

Your requested post date must be at least 5 business days after the date of purchase. All necessary post assets (i.e., graphic, copy, link) must be received at the time of purchase in order to be posted live. Following your purchase, your submission will undergo a reviewal process before going live on the social media account of the Influencer category group selected. All posts submitted must adhere to Twitter and LinkedIn guidelines. Any form of inappropriate copy or photographic content will be rejected during the reviewal process and replacement content that abides by our guidelines must be submitted within 24 hours of your rejected submission notice. In this case, your original requested post date may be delayed. Refunds will not be given for posts that fail to go live due to the submission of inappropriate or incomplete assets. If you wish to edit your content, you may do so by contacting The Content Funnel but your selected post date is subject to being delayed.

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