Your Branding Impacts Your Hiring Process



By Amanda Bowen, Director of Business Development at The Content Funnel

Here is a classic chicken and egg rhetorical question for you:  which comes first, the right employees or the right culture? You need the right employees to build the right culture, but you also need the right culture to attract the right employees. A branding strategy defines your company culture. This helps you hire the right people who will support and build your company.

People will talk

Haters are going to hate, but lovers will also love. The best test of your brand identity is what people are saying to their friends, families, and colleagues. They're going to talk about their work-life while their kids are playing baseball, over dinner with their friends, and on the phone with their parents. You're not privy to these conversations, but they are crucial to how the greater communities perceives you.

Ask yourself: would your employees recommend someone come work for your brand?

If not, what kind of internal changes would change that answer to a “yes?”

What's a brand going to do?

Creating a brand is essential in the early days of your company, but in the hectic pace of starting a business, some opt to launch right to marketing. If you haven’t really though your brand through, going through the process will be beneficial regardless of where your company is on life cycle.

Living the brand inside

Branding is about defining your values and how you share those values with the world. However, these values reflect how you operate internally. Your daily actions from the top down must reflect the organizational culture and values. How your company is structured and how you handle employee conflict is it true test of the quality of your brand identity.

The practices you put in place demonstrate your commitment to these values. If you claim your company is forward-thinking, how does management encourage and respond to new ideas from team members? Do all employees feel safe and valued putting ideas forward?

As we said, people talk. They leave reviews about your brand online on workplace review websites. Make sure their comments are  reflective of your brand values.

Be transparent about culture

The first time you officially encounter a potential new employee, you must start sharing information about your company culture. This is vital if you are working towards change your company culture. You're looking to find the right candidates who fit into your new direction. Be honest about the changes your brand is moving towards.

This transparency goes a long way to building trust, even if that potential candidate does not become an employee. According to How Employer Branding Changes Your Company Recruiting Strategy, “90% of job seekers say it’s important to work for a company that embraces transparency.” Leaving the job seeker with a positive impression will help your community reputation.

Ask the right questions

The interview process is a fine art. There’s never a guarantee you’ll find the perfect candidate ticking the boxes on all your qualification requirements. But you can get closer by asking questions that give insight into the candidate’s values. Examples:

  • When was a time management’s decision did not align with your values? How did you respond?

  • Tell me about a time you failed at something.

  • What’s something you did at your last role that you are particularly proud of?

  • When did something not go your way?

  • Talk about a time you had to fill in for someone. What happened during the experience?

If you want people to positively promote your company to their sphere of influence, it all starts internally. Hiring the right people starts with fostering the right culture, and then aligning your hiring with that culture.


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