You Need to Know These 17 Content Marketing Stats

What we love about content marketing is the constant evolution. New developments continue to stretch marketer’s creativity and keep the ways customers interact with brands fresh. Last year’s roll out of live video across social platforms, new user settings, and changes to news feed algorithms, has set up an interesting year for 2017. Research shows visual and video content continues to dominate. Keep these recent statistics in mind when revamping your content marketing strategy for the latest trends.

  1. Traditional marketing is 62% more expensive than content marketing and results in 3 times fewer leads. Source

  2. Content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more site traffic than non-leaders. Source

  3. Top content marketing performers focus on metrics. 88% measure ROI compared to 56% of bottom performers. Source

  4. Anything you hear, you’ll remember 10% of three days later. Pair with a picture and information retention improves 65%. Source

  5. Infographics are shared and liked 3 times more than other visual tools. Source

  6. Snapchat daily video views reached 10 billion views per day in the first quarter of 2016. Facebook achieved 8 billion per day in the third quarter of 2015. Source

  7. Facebook videos received 8 billion views per day, but as much as 85% of those views are without sound. Source

  8. To read or to watch? Four times as many consumers say they’d rather watch a product video than read about it. Source

  9. Only 14% of marketers used live video in 2016. Source

  10. Blog content length is growing, with the average post reaching 1,050 words. Source

  11. The average time a reader spends on a blog post? 37 seconds. Source

  12. Long-form posts boost lead generation 9 times compared to short-form blog posts. Source

  13. Email subject lines with the word “video” were 19% more likely to be opened. Click through rates on the same email improved 65%. Source

  14. Personalized email subject lines boosted open rates 26%. Source

  15. 61% of users are unlikely to revisit a mobile website they had trouble accessing. Source

  16. Email opens on mobile devices increased 180% from 2011-2014. By 2018, 80% of email users will likely open email exclusively on their mobile devices. Source

  17. 45% of consumers are more concerned about their online privacy compared to one year ago. Source

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