You Can Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns By Doing This

What has billions of users worldwide and is commonly checked daily? Surprise, surprise: it's not social media. Email is used by more people worldwide and the numbers continue growing. Even better? According to Statista, the vast majority of consumers (86%) would like to receive promotional emails from the companies they do business with. Email marketing is a highly effective way of generating leads, maintaining relationships, and closing sales. These improvements to your email marketing campaigns will boost results.

     1. Write better subject lines

An impactful subject line compels a user to open the email. As much attention should be given to the subject as the email’s main copy. The perfect header is short but compelling. Using the word “video” in the subject line increases click-throughs by 19%. Research has also shown that personalized messages with the recipient's first name, using the words thank you, and the word “Re:” boosted click-through rates. According to Marketingprofs, almost half of marketers reported A/B testing subject lines to improve click through rates.

     2. Who’s It From?

When a customer receives a mass email from a generic email address like “,” the chances of skipping or deleting increase. Conversely, when the same customer sees an email from a named person with a personalized email address like “,” they are more likely to believe it is a personal message and open the email. Change your “from” field to reflect a human being.

     3. Optimize Pre-Header

The pre-header is the preview of the text content found inside the email. This text is another critical factor driving consumers to read the email. You want to tease the content inside and encourage the open. Depending on the viewing device, this header could be just a couple words. No matter how short, the pre-header should be viewed as an opportunity to grab someone's attention. Think about how you can personalize this section. Be creative and make every word count.

     4. Where is the next step?

Every single email needs to have required action. Be explicit in your email and tell people what to do. This gets readers in the habit of engaging with your emails. It can be as simple as a “follow us on social” call to action, a request to upgrade their account, or customer survey. More traditional call-to-actions are fine, too. These include “download this,” or “sign up now.” CTA buttons improve email click-through rates.

     5. Zero in on Email Purpose

Every single email marketing campaign requires a narrow focus. In order for your call-to-action to work, you need a targeted email where all of the included content ties together. Avoid making major announcements, marketing listings, and saying hello all in one email. Segment big announcements end information into separate emails. It is okay to go for smaller open rates. Emphasize quality of information over quantity of information. If there's no reason to include a significant call to action, ask them to follow you on social instead.

     6. Watch a Video!

Not only does video encourage a higher click-through rate, but a higher open rate. Since video marketing isn't as common, the email stands out. Plus people generally prefer video content; KPCB reports 74% of internet traffic is video. Even if your email CRM doesn't support embedded video, including an image with a overlaid “play” icon that opens into video can still produce the results you want. Another tip: some emails support animated GIFs.

     7. Remind them what you do

Today's inboxes are increasingly inundated with emails from multiple sources. It could be months before a customer engages with your product again. In the meantime, remind them of your value. Adding a simple line to every email that states what you do help jog their memory about why they want to continue receiving your content. Include a call to action inside this line.

Your email campaigns do matter. Devote more time on the top three factors that encourage consumers to open emails: subject, pre-header, and from. After that, boosting click-throughs is a matter of polishing content and call-to-actions. More tricks for improving email marketing are available on The Content Funnel Blog.

Lindsey ImperatoreComment