Writing Property Descriptions With a Summer Slant


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The days are getting longer and neighborhoods are bustling with activity. For Sale signs are popping up faster than garden weeds. Yup, it must be summer time.

Summer is the hottest time of the year to buy. As a busy agent, it would be easy to post an average property listing and move on. However, there are hundreds of agents out there pushing hundreds of listings. You want you property listing to be the one that shines brighter than the summer sun.

Spending 15-20 minutes to craft an overview of the property with relevant details can quickly hook your prospective clients. Keep these things in mind the next time you write a description of your property listing this season.

Keep it Brief

Majority of your audience is probably just sifting through your listing, not reading it. A good rule of thumb is to keep the description between 100-150 words in length. Here you can provide all the key information that is relevant to your target audience, and even have extra space to mention the private pool or concrete patios.

Accentuate the Key Amenities

Make sure you talk about a building and the neighborhood. The summer is a great time to highlight some of its best features. Don’t drag on. Keep it short and sharp. If the building itself is uninteresting, focus on the seasonal farmer’s market, tree-lined sidewalks, and the rooftop bar around the corner.

Use Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful way to boost your listing. Your credibility instantly makes your property much more attractive. Two easy ways to say buyers are by focusing on quality and quantity.

Drop some information about the quality of the building. For example, the past owner could have embedded discrete security cameras on the side of the building to help keep the property and neighborhood safe.

Name the number of people working in the neighborhood. “Over 2,400 professionals are working in the area. It has brought a lot of energy to the city these past five years!” The quantity itself can have a powerful effect.

Optimize SEO

Two essential elements to remember always to include are 1.) property type and 2.) location. Most tenants and investors will consist of a combination of these elements in their Google searches when looking for a property. Before you post a listing, make sure you have your bases covered for SEO.

Check Spelling and Grammar

This tip is so basic, but it's a good one to remember for everything you write: Proofread your work. Incorrect spelling or grammar screams “sloppy,” and that’s not the first impression you want to give off. Don’t risk losing the confidence of a buyer over a silly spelling or grammar mistake. Have someone (other than you) double-check your writing before it goes live.

Break Up the Text

Don’t make the mistake of writing your text in one large block. If you want to encourage your audience to read through and digest the content from your description, then break your text up into smaller paragraphs. This formatting not only improves readability but also makes it much more appealing to your potential clients.


Even if a prospective client skips every word you carefully crafted, you can bet they will click on all the photos, and maybe even twice! Use the warm summer lighting to your advantage, and be sure to highlight the outdoor spaces. Clients will become excited about all of the promises and opportunities this property holds, especially during the long days of summer.

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