Would You Swipe Right on Your Brand?



By Amanda Bowen, Director of Business Development at The Content Funnel

When you pause to think about the branding process, you’ll see it’s like dating. Not the awkward, “let me buy you a drink,” small talk bits, but how we decide if we’ll say yes or no to a real date. Think about it:

  • Most people swipe left/right decisions are based on looks

  • You cut potential matches based on the basic details

  • It’s the ones who hook your attention that you’ll dig deeper into their profile and start chatting

Would you like your brand if you took it out on a date? Why not be creative and try it out? Seriously--take your brand on a speed date! This process works best if you’re launching a brand or going through a rebranding process. To set up a branding speed date, you’ll want:

  • Diverse input. Invite stakeholders like the executive team, but consider other voices, too. Customer service representatives, lower-level property managers, or potential future consumers.

  • Alternative branding options. For new companies, you may have two or three branding guides under consideration. Established companies can bring older branding guidelines plus new options. For more alternatives, throw in competitor brands.

How to Speed Date Your Brand

It’s up to you how creative you want to be with the speed dating exercise. Consider how far your team will buy-in to the process. You can:

  1. Rotate “date” tables.  Set up each potential brand at a different table. Include anything you have: logos, branding guidelines, access to their website and social media such as on tablets, desktops, and smartphones. Set a short time limit and rotate small groups (1-3 people) around. Give participants time between dates to make notes on their impressions.

    At the end, have a large group discussion on each brand. Record all the feedback for deeper analysis with your smaller branding team at a later date.

  2. Have people personify the brand. If some of your team members are super creative and willing, ask them to “become the brand.” During the speed date round, their mission is to “be” that brand. So if the brand voice is “cheerful, positive,” they should have an upbeat tone and spin everything in a positive way. A “professional, authoritative” voice may present in a business suit.

    The brand persona actors need to prepare well ahead of time. Give them everything you can about the brand. Equip them properly, such as with printed flyers in the brand look and by taping the logo to their shirt. Consider creating a similar presentation for each “brand” to better illustrate the brand voices.

    If you have great actors, you can see if your brand is selling too much, or if the brand has the right voice. If you don’t, the actor may not match the reality of the brand.

    As with before, keep the engagement time short and quick. You’re looking for honest, initial impressions of what it’s like to engage the brand. Give short time to record reflections between dates and decompress after all the date rotations are finished.

Reflections on branding speed dates:

Like with all dates, it’s hard to get to the nitty-gritty until a few rounds in. How can you quickly analyze the brand persona portrayed in social media and blogs? That kind of analysis takes time.

However, with a brand speed date, you can assess the first impression you’re creating and if the voice is in line with your mission. Throwing in your competitors to the mix helps find new ways to distinguish your brand from theirs.

So give branding speed dating a go. And if you’re lucky, you’ll swipe right on the right branding for you.


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