Why You Should’ve Started a Commercial Real Estate Blog Yesterday


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Some clients just don’t need more help finding listings and commercial properties--they have the internet for that. What they need is help with….everything else: market value, interest rates, next year’s trends in commercial real estate. Of course, anybody could just google that as well. But there is sooo much junk to sort through. And obviously, your credentials as a CRE professional will hold a lot of value.

Boost Web Traffic

Blogs offer a total two-for-one deal when it comes to driving business. Clients are on the web every hour of the day searching for answers. And you’re the commercial real estate professional who has the expert advice they’re seeking. Your authority in the industry alone gives is a pop of power. Not only is the text a rich source of information for potential clients, but the posts are a passive promotion for your business. You can’t really hide a bad post once it’s out on the web. But if you take the time to put out genuine, valuable information, it will show. You will gain the trust of readers and your blog will rank higher in search engine results. A blog typically has a different URL from your website. So the more traffic your blog gets, the bigger the virtual rush hour jam to get to your website.

Learn What You Love

Your blog post should regularly demonstrate your CRE expertise. Creating new content for your blog requires a big investment of time, creative thinking, and research. Some professionals view this as a painful, time-consuming task. We view it as the opportunity to evolve professionally and learn something new. You won’t believe how much of a competitive edge this will give you. You’ll totally know your shit and have complete confidence both typing away at your desk and when you’re looking your clients directly in the eye. In an effort to build your blog you will begin have a professional glow. It must have something to do with that torch of knowledge you’re holding.  

Establish a Community

Post engagement is the juiciest fruit of your blogging efforts. There is nothing better than the promotion, communication, and collaboration that happens in the comments. Taking the time to facilitate discussion and respond to comments can help you create a community with shared interests, and you learn a great deal about your audience in the process.

This is also a fun way to build your personal brand--you don’t want to be business all of the time! It’s okay to go off topic a bit to inject some humor here! Show who you are and why you stand behind the CRE industry. It also makes you seem, well, more human. And potential clients will be more likely to approach you.

Promote! Promote! Promote!

Well, the blog is not going to promote itself! You just wrote some kickass blog posts, now get yourself some kickass readers. Share and promote posts on social media, including your business pages and personal accounts. You can also send a newsletter to your contact list that includes a round-up of some of your latest posts. The magic happens when many people get behind what you’re blogging about.

Maintaining a commercial real estate blog attracts and educates buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, builders, your grandma…..Heck, everybody can benefit from what you’re putting out on the web! Use your blog to build your reputation and credibility, and give you the potential to gain a greater number of leads.

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