Why You Should Stop Selling on Social Media!


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So many Commercial Real Estate professionals believe social media is the perfect place to generates sales for their business. It’s the wave of the future, right? Some businesses are just using social media to build their client base, aren’t they?

Think again.

You should not be selling on social media.

Now before you start shutting down your Twitter and deleting your Facebook account, there is a caveat here. Social media should not be used as a direct selling tool, but a way to build relationships with potential clients and maintain them with past ones.

Social media is all about sharing, and proving your expertise to your audience so they are confident and at ease in working with you. And instead of telling your potential clients to work with you because of xyz reason, you should be showing them why they should work with you.

You’re on social media to showcase value and knowledge, not sell.

Your selling efforts for your CRE business should be reserved for your advertising. This could be true for social media advertising but we’re talking specifically about your social media presence outside of advertising campaigns.

People log on to their social media accounts to interact and socialize, or to learn and be entertained. Have you noticed how many businesses you’ve unfollowed because of their constant “used car salesman” approach to interacting with you on social media? No one wants to feel harassed in a space often used to socialize.

You should be educating and sharing, not selling your services.

If you think about your favorite businesses online they are probably ones that share interesting articles, help you in your own business or education, or have a quirky personality and funny rapport that leaves you in stitches. After all, if you were interested in working with someone wouldn’t you just go to their website instead?

The amazing thing that happens when you stop selling and start building relationships with people through your social media, the next time they have a CRE need you will be the first one to come to mind. You never pushed them or harassed them – they almost see you as a friend they already have and just need to call on now.

How exactly do you build these relationships on social media?

Going back to the used car salesman example, think about a used car lot that you follow on social media. What if every day they shared pictures of all their used cars saying - come look at this car. This is the best one on our lot. We have a great price for you. You need this car right now. Act fact. We’re offering discounts today only.

Chances are you’d be unfollowing that used car lot faster than you can say “Ford Pinto.”

Now what if this same used car lot explained exactly what to look for when evaluating the quality of a used car, the models of used cars that hold their value the longest, their favorite cars with excellent gas mileage, the safest models of cars on the market or the how not be scammed when applying for financing for your used car.

The next time you’re in the market for a used car you likely wouldn’t think of going to any other lot than the one that has provided you with so much valuable information you need to make a smart decision. They are the experts, right?

See what we did there?

By approaching social media with a different mindset – a customer-focused approach – you’re indirectly selling to these potential clients every day. You’ll be maintaining relationships and building your relationship so the next time they are looking for a Commercial Real Estate professional, they will be the ones picking up the phone – not you!



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