Why You Only Need One Day a Month to Have a Great Social Media Strategy


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For many commercial real estate businesses, the idea of creating a comprehensive social media strategy breeds fear and panic. Usually this fear is around not having enough hours in the day to devote to the marketing giant that is social. And with all these different strategies around when to post and how often, you may be worried that you’ll become a slave to the World Wide Web.

But any savvy social strategist will tell you that no one posts their social in real time. It’s all about the planning and scheduling. This makes you more efficient, gives you more control and frees up those extra moments in the day to interact with your audience as opposed to curating the perfect post.

Why You Should be Scheduling Your Posts

Trying to carve out time throughout your day to post to your CRE business social media pages during the day’s most optimal times is a near impossible task with your already busy schedule. The only way to truly control the timing of your messages is to use a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you can schedule a week’s worth of content in just one day using these valuable scheduling tools that automatically post to your social media. You can use sites like Feedly to gather valuable content in your market and push that information directly to your clients during the times you’re likely to have the most traffic.

Your Database of Posts and Recycling

Another advantage to scheduling all your social media posts for the month in one day is that you’ll have a record of each post already in your scheduling software. You can reference it, check the analytics on its engagement and even recycle that content in future posts. Don’t shy away from reusing previously posted content because your audience changes, or just forgets about your content over time.

Develop a Strategy Around Types of Content

If you’re reactively posting to social media without thinking about an overall cohesive message as you would when posting for an entire month in one day, your social media strategy may not seem comprehensive to your audience.

When scheduling for future posts, you can look at your content ratio. For example, the 5-3-2 rule is standard when it comes to posting to social media. It includes 5 posts of other people’s content, 3 posts of your own, and 2 more personal posts. This kind of attention to the type of content you’re providing only works when you commit to pre-scheduling all your content.

To serve as a true social media strategist for your CRE firm you’ll be most successful sitting down to develop a comprehensive plan for the month and scheduling the majority of your posts ahead of time. This allows you to carefully curate content, pick optimal times for posting, and even recycle posts that had high engagement in the past. And then you can spend that extra social media time every day actually engaging with your audience to show the value you offer through your social channels.

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