Why You Need to Dust Off Your Old Content

Blog Post by Lauren Leal, Director of Engagement at The News Funnel

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Bloggers don't mean to be neglectful content creators. The pressure to stay current means we publish, move on to craft fresh content, and forget about the hard work invested into the old post. Luckily, good content is like fine wine: it gets better with age. Don't believe us? Take a look at your metrics and see which posts are driving the most traffic. Most likely it's not anything published in the last month. Since old content has marinated on the world wide web, earning shares and likes, it is excellent for search engine optimization and organic traffic. Sometimes all an old post needs is some spit polish and elbow grease to make it new again. The time spent reviewing old blogs will benefit the brand several ways.

Refresh that data

Save serious time generating new content by remodeling the old. Plus, do you want people looking at incorrect content? Sometimes blog posts contain outdated information.  Make the necessary corrections to bring the post up to date and republish with the new date. Keep the same web address to maintain website traffic benefits and avoid broken links that kill SEO. Redistribute on owned platforms to reach a new audience.

How's that CTA doing?

Pay special attention to the call to action. Especially since the page is performing well and generating traffic, breathing new life into the pages’ CTA could improve the action you want the reader to take on the page. Perhaps it's time for an updated product offer. Or maybe an update to the color or refreshed wording will make the CTA exciting again. Keeping the offers current and rewording in line with your brand strategy helps the bottom line.

Boost your SEO

Since we're constantly generating content, there could be new articles published after the post went live with related content. Use the blog update to add new inbound links and offer additional content to the reader.  As all good content marketers know, linking to additional content is a good SEO practice.

Recycle that content

During the audit of old blog pages, you could come across content worthy of recycling into a new format. Perhaps there's a long-form blog ready to become an infographic. Other content could inspire your next podcast or live video. Get new ideas from the old.

How do you refresh content?

As part of your regularly-scheduled social media audit, a report on the website traffic and performance on all pages should review the best-performing contents. Rank of the pages by best-performing to worst performing. Start by auditing the top performing pages to see what needs updating. Redistribute these refreshed posts first on owned platforms. Use the same social media audit to reveal if there are other pages that perform okay, but might benefit from a rewrite or optimization to see if gains new traffic.

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