Why You Need Evergreen Content

Does the content marketing term “evergreen” have you staring out the window at pine trees? Don’t. Evergreen content simply means content that transcends the now and will remain relevant for several years. Users will “rediscover” the content and return again and again for reference.

What is Evergreen Content?

There are several common types of formats that tend to fall into the evergreen category. Examples include:

Be careful, though. Just titling a post “how to” does not make it evergreen. For example, “How to Use Twitter Lists to Grow Your Following” would need to be updated as Twitter list’s settings change. If Twitter drops the features, the blog becomes irrelevant.

What Evergreen Content Does for You

Evergreen content is an essential component of a content marketing strategy. It keeps your brand relevant while building a long-term SEO strategy. Regular content audits and updates refresh evergreen material in audience minds. It’s perfect for adding to email newsletters as your audience expands.

Writing about current trends should be included in a content strategy. Just be aware trends have a limited shelf life whereas evergreen content is more likely to continuously draw a new audience to your brand. This is thanks to its sharing power: true evergreen content is considered valuable and relevant months and years later. It’s this extended life cycle that makes evergreen a powerful branding and SEO tool.

Reuse Evergreen Content

Creative marketers can draw upon evergreen materials in new ways. Recycling key points in new formats exposes content to a wider audience. For example, our blog, “5 Tips to Help Your Real Estate Listing” could easily be recycled into an infographic or a video perfect for posting on a variety of social platforms.

Done right, evergreen content should continue drawing new leads over time. When updating your content strategy, check that your content is a mixture of trending topics and resourceful content that will maximize your audience reach.

Lindsey ImperatoreComment