Why Webinars?


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Why the heck would anyone use a webinar in their commercial real estate marketing strategy? Well, as it turns out they are extremely powerful for drawing in and keeping in touch with prospects. They showcase your brand’s commercial real estate expertise and give the company a real audible human voice--talk about bringing your marketing to life! Here’s how you can take advantage of webinars this year.

All About the Attendees

Someone doesn’t usually join a webinar if they aren’t interested in the topic. They are there to learn and you want to offer your audience some really genuine value. Address the challenges and issues you’ve experienced with the industry and guide them to take action. Of course, you want to promote your own business because that’s the whole point. But leave the message at the end and don’t make it the main point of your presentation. Focus on promoting your brand as the experts in the field of commercial real estate. By the end, attendees will agree when you say your team is a group of real estate rockstars with all the answers.

Why Does the Platform Matter?

It’s 2018, people. Look for a platform that’s worthy of your precious time. Consider which platforms have considerable drawbacks. Things like limiting the number of attendees and requiring an account to enroll can be big turn offs. Just erase the possibility of using any platform with funky little bugs that steer people away. It should be easy for people to join and register. Clickback is a really rad option because it has a Twitter integration to support social media engagement around the webinar. Other platforms offer the ability for the brand to look at the analytics so you can up your webinar game during the next round.

Plan and Prepare

Schedule enough time in advance to really build up the webinar and promote it as a unique opportunity for professional and personal growth. A few weeks in advance will give you time to take advantage of free and paid advertising. If registration is slow you can double the marketing efforts. If you have some enthusiastic attendees, definitely run it more than once.

Successful webinar marketing will lead to future webinars led by various agents on your team. Consider partnering and co-representing with someone whose brand compliments yours or is catering to a similar audience.

How Do You Deliver Max Impact?

Webinars don’t begin with content planning, nor do they end after the content has been delivered. It’s crucial to follow up with participants by sending them additional materials, requesting feedback, and letting them know about upcoming webinars and new related content on your site.

Your webinar may be one of the first and most powerful steps you take to capture some serious commercial real estate leads. Webinars are a surprising tactic that can really pack a punch where marketing is concerned.

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