Why Real Estate Professionals Should Use Facebook Live

Live from anywhere, it’s real estate! Facebook Live use is exploding across the social network’s news feeds. The latest feature is part of Facebook’s initiative to shift from a text-based to a video-centric platform. Real estate professionals embracing Facebook Live as part of their greater content marketing plan are seeing the benefits.

Photo Credit:  Edgar Cervantes

Photo Credit: Edgar Cervantes

Why Content Marketing on Facebook Live

Facebook is planning to push Live video over other forms of content, translating to a higher potential for increasing your organic reach. ProBlogger Darren Rowse reported open of his Facebook Live videos reached over 147,000 people, compared to a typical 2,000-10,000 reach. According to MediaKix, the number of videos populating news feeds has increased 360%.

Unlike Snapchat, Facebook Live videos are saved. Even if users miss the “live” event, the video will continue to pop on in the news feed and on the business page. This added value expands to the video’s potential reach.

Right now is the time to jump into Facebook Live before too many people saturate the feature’s potential and overload users.

Facebook Live Videos Are More Discoverable

Facebook will be unrolling a new feature that places video page access in the middle of the mobile app’s function bar. Users will be able to discover live and pre-recorded videos through the discovery tab. Users can search for public video content all across Facebook.

Starting now, make sure all your videos--Live or not--are properly tagged with the right keywords for the video. This will help make the video more searchable.

Stand Out From the Real Estate Crowd

Professional real estate video tours are a valuable addition to any content marketing plan. Agents are becoming more creative with video real estate marketing by incorporating 360-degree video or drone shots. The problem is, these videos are becoming increasingly popular. Make your profile unique by going Live. There are still users out there who have yet to interact with a Live video. Be the one that draws their attention. As an early adopter of Facebook Live, you could earn recognition as an innovator.

Boost User Engagement

The personal nature of Facebook Live leads to higher engagement. Get real-time reactions through likes and questions posted through the comments section during the video. Since the video will continue to live online, expect to see more likes, comments, and shares after the live shot has ended. Some users even report followers that comment or like Facebook Live videos ended up coming more active with other social posts.

The News Funnel recently conducted a Facebook Live Q & A session wit Hightower’s Billy Fink and Jesse Tron. Check it out to see how users engaged with the video.

Real estate professionals not paying attention to the video trend are missing out on significant content marketing potential. Incorporating Facebook Live will expand the reach of content and increase user engagement. Facebook hit 8 million video views a day in November 2015. Video is a major component of the social platform’s future development plans.

Header Image Photo Credit: (CC) Brian Solis, www.briansolis.com and bub.blicio.us

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