Why Client Testimonials Are Important and How to Ask for Them


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We’re living in a very connected, and opinionated, society and that should be considered in how you run your business. At any given moment, you can unlock your iPhone and tap on one of the dozens of apps in your phone that help you make decisions based on other people’s opinions.

Yelp, Foursquare, Airbnb, Uber, or TripAdvisor are just a few of the many places where with just a simple search you can access the opinions and tips of hundreds of thousands of people who have done exactly what you want to do or who have gone to that place you’re considering going. And they are ready to tell you what they thought of it!

But what does this have to do with MY business?

Everything! Because reviews and testimonials aren’t just reserved for boutique hotels and your city’s new taco truck. These apps have bred a generation of consumers who no longer trust traditional advertising and look to customer feedback on whether or not to visit a place, or purchase a service.

Just like people are flocking to the internet to get necessary feedback on everything from the most excellent school in the area to the best pizza delivery in town, they will look to others to validate your business. So, what are the others saying that you can’t?

Do you have testimonials?

The first place your potential new clients will look for proof that you can do your job, and well, is your website. Have you included testimonials from happy clients following successful transactions? How do your prospective clients know that you can help them as much as you claim you can?

Testimonials or case studies are essential to your marketing and content strategy. And we’re certain your clients will come to your website looking for them. You might be surprised the weight prospects put on the words of your past clients.

How Do I Ask for Them?

If you’ve built meaningful and successful relationships with your clients over the years, which we’re certain you have, you will likely have no problem requesting a testimonial or two from them.

Different commercial real estate professionals will take different approaches to requesting testimonials from their clients. Some prefer to ask right off the bat. It might go a little something like this, “Hey! If we find you the perfect property and you think I do an excellent job for you, will you write me a testimonial?”

Others prefer a milder approach and may listen for opportunities to exchange a need for a want. For instance, let’s say your client asks you for a particularly big favor like driving over a contract at an ungodly hour of the day. You might just slip in, “I’d be happy to, and I hope you’ll include this in the testimonial you write for me!”

If you find that your clients are less than willing to write testimonials for you, it may be time to step up your customer service game. When a potential client notices you going the extra mile for them, they are usually more than happy to share that with others.

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