Why a Lack of Productivity is Killing Your Marketing


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We’re all busy. We’re all probably so busy that we really don’t even have the time to read this post about finding more time. Pretty ironic, right?

Sometimes it’s hard for commercial real estate professionals to understand the immediate return on their blogging and other content generation efforts. Actually, these efforts often take quite a bit of time and personal investment before seeing significant returns in the form of new clients. But they are often well worth the time and energy.

How is your lack of productivity in the area of content creation killing your lead generation efforts?

You’re not prioritizing your time.

If you’re already feeling really overwhelmed try looking at your scheduled as being completely booked up. The only time you have available for blogging or focusing on marketing must be swapped with some other activity.

This will get you evaluating every aspect of your busy schedule. While it feels like we have no time, if you spend one day looking for a few hours to carve out for content creation, we guarantee you’ll find it.

It may mean getting ready-made meals as opposed to cooking, spending one less hour on Netflix, or maybe spending that 45 minutes on the treadmill voice recording your blog using your iPhone that you later just have to type. Where there’s a will for content creation, there’s a way!

You’re valuing the immediate return over the future return.

You may have heard this described as playing the short game versus the long game. Perhaps you’re spending 10 percent of your day cold calling. What kind of return are your cold-calling efforts bringing you?

Look at your website traffic and consider how many of your leads are coming from it. If you could increase your website traffic through your blogging over time, would you get a higher return on your time investment? Constantly testing your efforts and shifting your time away from activities not offering you the highest return is the only way to best determine how to spend your time on marketing efforts.

You’re not outsourcing.

What consumers don’t realize is that most major organizations and website are outsourcing their content creation. After all, it’s likely you aren’t an expert writer as your expertise lies within your commercial real estate experience.

More and more companies are engaging marketing organizations to handle their content strategy and to provide “ghost writing” services. Ghost writing is when a third party pens your content but it is posted to your website as if you wrote it. It’s not a scam or deception, it’s something that even many book authors or celebrities writing their autobiographies use. You provide the ideas and your content creator writes it in an engaging and easily consumable way so you’ll benefit from the highest return on your content efforts.

So, if carving time out of your busy schedule doesn’t work for you, or if you just don’t feel you’re good enough at conveying your message through the written word, The Content Funnel might be the answer to your troubles. And you even get to keep binge watching that hot new show on Netflix. We’ll burn the midnight oil for you.

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