Where We Stand: 19 Need to Know Marketing Stats by Sarah Malcolm


Since our original blog, “17 Need to Know Stats For Content Marketing,” our industry has undergone disruptive changes. Live video rolled out across numerous social media platforms.  Video email marketing is making headway. Once again, the content market is changing. Here’s the latest on statistics content marketers need to know about the changing landscape.

  1. Want more leads? Long-form blog posts outperform short form by nine times. Source

  2. Nearly three-quarters of marketers plan to increase money spent on content marketing. Source

  3. About four times of consumers prefer to watch video than read about a product. Source

  4. The average number of social channels business-to-business marketers use to distribute content is six. Source

  5. Over half of emails are opened on mobile devices.Source

  6. Almost 80% of internet traffic will be video by next year. Source

  7. Personalized subject lines boost email open rates by 26%. Source

  8. Introductory emails including a video report better clickthrough rates by 96%. Source

  9. 87% of business-to-business buyers trusted influencer content. Source

  10. Lure leads with white papers. 76% of buyers said they would share information about themselves for the content. Source

  11. Social media content was the top content marketing strategy at 92% according to IMN and 93% by CMI.

  12. The vast majority of marketers increased web traffic by investing as few as six hours into social media marketing. Source

  13. 500 hours of video content is published every minute. Source

  14. Nearly 45% of internet users watch more than an hour of videos on Facebook or Youtube. Source

  15. Content marketers using video improve revenue growth by 49%. Source

  16. Video improves clickthrough rates by 27% and conversion rates by 35%. Source

  17. Live streaming video viewed on mobile devices averaged 3.5 minutes. Source

  18. Viewers spent 8x more time watching live streaming than on-demand video. Source

  19. Every day, over 100M of internet users watch video online. Source

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