Where the Best Blog Topics Come From

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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A solid blog topic drives traffic to a website; a great blog topic exceeds all expectations. Every content marketer aims to source a stellar topic with viral potential. Everyone wants to be that person that doubled blog visitors thanks to one post.

So where do these magical traffic-defying articles come from? Hint: not from a magical list of suggested blog topics. Think about a blog’s purpose. Posts should:

  • Showcase your personal or business’ expertise in a particular real estate niche

  • Provide helpful advice your customers need

  • Build a database of relatable content that will drive website traffic

One common method marketers use to source blog topics for search engine optimization starts with an initial brainstorm session followed by using an analytics or keyword planning tool and searching the Internet to see the results for their potential topics. This data-based approach does produce results, but the topics may not be the most engaging material for your audience. Your team’s authentic, everyday experiences in the field inspire engaging material. The best blog topics come from:

Customer Inquires

“Should I try crowdsourcing a real estate investment or seek traditional financing?” Bingo, a blog topic! Customers are excellent blog topic sources. The questions they are asking you is likely the same content they’re searching the web to learn more about. Ask the customer service team what frequent questions they field, or if someone posed a unique inquiry lately. Listen to customer comments while on a property showing, at a vendor booth, and on social media.

Daily Activities

Get inspired by what’s going on around you every day. Ideas can form from an article you read on the way into work or overhearing two colleagues discussing a contract issue. Perhaps a eureka moment struck while trying to find an easier way to accomplish an important task. Other blog topic incubators include conferences, workshops, and daily briefings.

Problems, Solved

Most of the work we tackle every day concerns finding solutions to problems. Could the advice given to help a customer through a pain point assist others? Write about it in a blog! A problem-solved blog highlights your personal expertise in your field while demonstrating excellent customer service and providing help to your audience at large.

Be open for a good idea to strike you at any time. Writers know the best topics often hit not while brainstorming but during unexpected real-world moments. Whenever the inspiration strikes, add that blog topic idea to your content calendar before it evaporates into the ether.

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