When You Know Your Content Marketing is a Success by Sarah Malcolm


Success does not share definitions between people or companies. That’s why your content marketing plan must define clear, measurable goals. These goals align with the individual brand’s goals. Understanding what content marketing will achieve for the brand determines the metrics you will track to determine if your plan is working.

If you want an idea of what metrics marketers use to evaluate success, Salesforce analyzed how businesses (not real estate specific) determine the success of their digital advertising. The lifetime value of a customer ranked foremost, at 27 percent, followed by web traffic from digital advertising (19 percent) and brand recognition and lift (18 percent).  

Additionally, Salesforce found when it comes to digital advertising, driving traffic to digital properties (websites, white papers, social, etc.) matters 21 percent of the time. Brand awareness and lead generation also were valued by 21 percent of marketers.

These three objectives require different content strategies. If the objective is to drive leads, then your strategy should have a sales funnel, clear calls-to-action, landing pages, and lead capture forms. What about driving engagement? Then you’ll probably track likes, follows, and comments. And brand awareness? You probably won’t need a subscriber capture form for tracking new email list members.

You can see how each objective drives a different strategy and a different metric. That’s why there is no clear route to success.

When writing content marketing goals, remember that while likes, follows, and comments feel great to receive, they’re unlikely to matter the most to executives justifying a content marketing program. Even brand awareness goals eventually want to drive sales conversions. Click-throughs don’t automatically quantity long-term sales. Find measures of value that show how the content marketing creates revenue.

Craft a content marketing plan that engages potential clients at every touch point in the sales cycle. Content marketing is the turtle: it’s slow, steady, and sustainable. Results should grow over time as the brand continues establishing its reputation. Show how these multiple touch points helped convert a follower into a repeat customer. Then you’ll have a true measure of content marketing success.

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