What’s Up and Down: The Latest Trends in B2B Content Marketing

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Did you know that the vast majority of businesses handling business-to-business content marketing have a single person driving the entire organization’s strategy?

Even with a one-person driven team, the latest content marketing research from Content Marketing World and Brightcove demonstrates business-to-business (B2B) marketers are continuing to become savvier about what works. It’s amazing the impact a single, passionate person can have on a strategy. Other trends point to the continuing rise of content marketing over traditional marketing methods, while other trends have flatlined growth.  

Constant adjustment is a benchmark of the content marketing industry. As new social media platforms and trends emerge, marketers must change to reach their audience and stay ahead of the competition. The last twelve months alone saw the launch of live streaming through social networks, new in-app shopping, and Facebook’s foray in virtual reality.

Marketers cite better content creation practices and adjustments to content marketing strategies for their increased success. For businesses reporting increased success, over half placed a greater priority on content marketing and increased the time dedicated to their plan. Their leadership teams gave the strategy time to work instead of expecting magical, overnight results. Content marketing remains an integral part of any company’s marketing program with the majority drafting their plans as a process instead of one-off campaigns.

Some trends remained the same. The most successful content marketers continue to utilize a documented strategy with a clear picture of what success meant for their business. While the survey indicated they were realistic about the time commitment involved to generate results, their high level of commitment to content marketing reflected their success. As Joe Pulizzi said, “Make content marketing a priority or focus your efforts elsewhere.”

The research shows the best content marketers continue to:

  • Deliver content on a regular basis.

  • Measure their program’s return on investment

  • Inform the entire team of progress

  • Invest in long-term strategies

  • Differentiate their story

According to the survey respondents, the majority continue focusing on exceptional audience experiences and creative content generation. For businesses marketing to other business, having well-defined goals and a clear, differentiated story delivers value to their key audiences. Regardless of any new developments by social platforms or new apps coming onto the market, it is unlikely this factor for success will change.

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