What You Need to Know About Blogging Tools



By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Thinking about adding a blog to your online marketing strategy? Excellent! Blogging is a wonderful way to establish your expertise, improve SEO, and create items ripe for social media promotion. Numerous tools are available to help build and manage your blog. Let’s look at four leaders.


Wordpress is the powerhouse in all-in-one website management, and that includes blogging. With Wordpress, the blogging world is your oyster based on your experience. Use free pre-programmed blogging websites or customize your blog from scratch.

Bloggers to add widgets and plug-ins to optimize their blog. You can do nearly anything you would want: how the blog displays, SEO optimization, GDPR compliance, email subscriber management, pop-ups, social media integrations, etc. Your ability to add plug-ins or widgets depends on your subscription. Note not all plug-ins are free.

The admin panel controls access for contributors and editors. Publish a post instantly or schedule for later. Add images, categories, and tags to the blog and enable user comments.

Wordpress is a great option for any level of experience and various blogging needs.


Integrate blogging with HubSpot’s powerful inbound marketing tools. The Hubspot interface allows clients to write, format, and edit content in the HubSpot platform.

For new bloggers, the blueprints make it easy to get started. HubSpot automatically optimizes the blogs for mobile, offers keyword suggestions, and gives on-page SEO advice. Easily add CTAs convert readers into subscribers.

Collaboration on the content across teams is easy. You schedule to post and it will autopublish to social media. Hubspot tracks performance to help you create more relevant content.

Movable Type

One of the oldest platforms available, Movable Type touts a user-friendly interface with incredible customization for websites and blogs. Users can create multiple blogs with unlimited users without impacting page load times. Its content management software (CMS) is an excellent option for team use because it tracks blog edits.

Design templates, schedule posting, create publishing controls with Movable Type. Empower your blog by visiting its Plugin Directory and enhance the available features. The platform works with Google Analytics.

Reviews tout its custom fields and themes as a positive. Movable Type for Amazon Web Services, and the latest version is an Amazon Machine Image with a Data API that makes it possible to manage content beyond the web.

Expression Engine

You don’t need to be a programmer to start with ExpressionEngine, an open source and free content management system. Its self-hosted CMS allows clients to own their content from day one. No plug-ins are required to optimize its use.

The user interface is fully responsive and easy to use regards of screen size. Write an article and push it to where it needs to be, rather than sticking to a single page. ExpressionEngine sends your work to mobile apps or syndication services.

You can easily create templates and publish from any device. The software updates in one click, without the need to update every plugin. ExpressionEngine has been used by companies like Whole Foods and Disney.

Start blogging

Picking the right hosting platform and software is one part of starting your blog. Make sure to read some advice on best practices and what to do to promote your blog. If writing seems daunting, we have expert real estate writers ready to help.

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