What Can Ebooks and White Papers Do for Your Brand?



By Amanda Bowen, Director of Business Development at The Content Funnel

Does it seem like every email is asking you to download an exclusive ebook? There’s a reason ebooks and white papers are all the rage these days. This type of content can benefit your brand. Before you decide an ebook or white paper is what you need, make sure you know their differences, advantages, and how they work to nurture brand awareness.

The Difference Between an Ebook and White Paper

The end result of reading an ebook or white paper is the same: the reader is more informed about a problem.

It’s a mistake to think of an ebook as a collection of your blogs, although some people chose to do this. The best ebooks are original material that tell stories, use personal experiences, and have a conversational tone. The reader ends equipped with ways to solve their problem.

A white paper is like a research paper. The best white papers state a problem and use the data to prove methods to solving a problem. A white paper’s title might be, “What We Found When We Studied Live Video’s Reach,” whereas an ebook would be, “12 Ways to Use Live Video to Build Your Audience.” Since white papers tend to be more technical, their audiences tend to work in industries requiring this information to solve problems.

Where the term “white paper” and “ebook” get mixed up is over data. The distinguishing line is in how the data is presented and used. White papers detail the outcomes of research with few recommendations on what to do with the data. In an ebook, the referenced statistics and facts prove the decisions and actions recommended in its pages. Both often have charts and graphics to help illustrate the data.

Advantages of the Ebook and White paper

Ebooks do more than build content for search engine optimization and creating organic traffic. An ebook is an easy-to-read tool used by your targeted audiences to learn about important industry concepts while falling in love with your brand.

White papers do similar work, but contain more research and data. The facts and figures contained within are helpful to your audience and industry. Ideally, the data is original.

Ebooks and white papers are easy to share, usually in an easily readable PDF format. They can be attached and downloaded direct from your website or social platform. Some businesses use them to capture a user’s contact information. Others distribute for free as part of a brand-building awareness tool.

Ebooks and white papers contain tons of promotional material ripe for social media. Repackage the information within into other content like blog posts, infographics, tweets, webinars, and video chats.

Since you don’t need to print them, and their length can vary, ebooks are relatively easy to produce. White papers tend to be longer and require more time and effort.

Ebooks and White Papers as a Brand Awareness Tool

In creating these types of content, you are hoping your target audience finds your information valuable and share it with others. This sharing could be done through social media, email, or other methods. It’s up to you to encourage this sharing. Your ebook should reference your social platforms. If they received an email with a download link, ask them to share the email with others who will find the ebook valuable.

The content is usable in paid promotions. Grab useful quotes to Tweet, share a snapshot of a graphic on Instagram, or turn a page into an infographic. Just make sure you don’t give too much away in your paid promotions. The goal is to take bite-sized snippets and make it digestible to your audience. This social sharing of content from the ebook or white paper still builds increased awareness and brand recognition.

Before Creating an Ebook or White Paper

The most important step in utilizing this content type for brand building is to remember your audience. They must believe the topic is important, otherwise, they won’t read or share your ebook. It’s up to you to recognize the needs and match your branding strategy and content creation.

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