Ways to Make Your Marketing Seasonal


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Weather is a major factor in the commercial real estate circuit. Understanding buying patterns during seasonal peaks is important in real estate, especially when marketing to potential clients. These are some ways to enhance your seasonal marketing strategies.


Not many people want to brave the cold or trudge through snow drifts to look at properties for fun during the winter. While warmer weather has people bouncing from building to building in swarms, buyers during winter months are serious and ready to commit. That’s probably the only perk of the dark, cold winter days, but hey, we’ll take it! It’s a safe bet that nobody is going to spend an extensive amount of time poking around the exterior looking for aesthetic selling points, so staging the inside of the building is key. Be sure to clear the clutter and highlight the key features.

During the winter months, you want to make sure to clear the walkways of ice and snow, keeping the windows clean, and allow fresh air to enter the building. And speak to the tax savings you can offer people if they buy before the first of the year!


Spring is the busiest time of the year in real estate so you better be ready to pounce on those unfinished projects just in time for the weather to break. One of the most basic seasonal marketing techniques for spring is to spruce up the building’s curb appeal. Time and time again you hear cliche expressions about first impressions, and think “Wow, that’s shallow.” But in real estate, there is solid truth behind the words. It’s the first impression to the world that counts, and it’s what hooks the curiosity of the client and gets their foot in the door. A few upgrades require minimal effort and can transform the entire look of the building, enhance the overall feel of the property, and provide a return on investment.


The summer market plays host to a bundle of buildings that were listed in the spring and have yet to sell. Depending on the property, summer months are a great opportunity to showcase the existing outdoor space and accentuate areas for potential. A well-maintained chunk of grass is, at the very least, desired by basically everybody. Showcase your property’s industrial air conditioning or its proximity to the summer hot spots, especially for retailers.


The fall season has less inventory, and that clears up a lot of time for CRE professionals. People typically have more time during this season to give you full attention.  The marketing strategy for fall can honestly be a big pain in the butt. Even though the season is slow, you still want to be on top of the building’s maintenance. With falling leaves and frost around the corner, you’re in for a lot of work! The days are also darker and shorter. Consider additional lighting if you haven’t already come up with an adequate replacement for the natural light that floods the space during warmer months.

Seasonal shifts can provide tremendous advantages for investors, so many have learned to excel in seasonal real estate marketing to help bolster their businesses during the off seasons.

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