Ways to Effectively Use Landing Pages


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It’s likely you’ve ended up on hundreds of landing pages while surfing the web, and many times you may have not even realized you were on a landing page.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of landing pages, they are essentially mini websites consisting of just a few pages and typically serve a very specific marketing purpose. They are commonly used for promotions, seasonal information, or for prospects to opt-in for an e-mail newsletter or a piece of free content. So, how can you effectively use landing pages in your commercial real estate marketing?

Sharing Special Properties

If you want to target a specific audience for an exclusive property listing, this is best done through a landing page. You can control who receives the link and customize the page to reflect the type of property you’re marketing. Also, there’s nothing like a branded landing page to make a property feel exclusive.

Tracking Downloads for Free Content

While we do encourage sharing most of your content for free to build up your credibility you may want to share some of your written pieces in exchange for a reader’s e-mail address. This helps you to build your relationship with the prospect and feed them future content through a newsletter or periodic e-mail engagements.

By creating a landing page that puts your content behind an opt-in wall, a visitor will need to provide their e-mail address to download your article or eBook. It’s a great way to ask for something in return for a valuable piece of content, and to obtain information from your prospects.

Sharing Seasonal Content

You may not want to share that Thanksgiving content in November with your audience in Canada, who celebrates their own turkey day in October. And maybe you’d like to share a Christmas-themed article on commercial real estate trends but don’t want to leave out a demographic not celebrating the holiday.

You can carefully tailor your seasonal content to specific audiences through landing pages, especially if you’re building out your target audience lists through social media advertising channels where you can understand these details about your individual audience members.

Testing Out Content for Different Audiences

If you haven’t done A/B testing before, it’s an effective way to see what content is more attractive to different audiences. You can tweak your content to test it with your target groups with anything from changing the image associated to the piece to altering the title or call-to-action.

A landing page is an easy and effective way to test how responses from different audiences are to the type of content you’re sharing by evaluating click-through rates and how long readers stay on your landing page. Maybe your younger audience has a low attention span and only spends an average of five minutes on your site, so you learn to stick to short content when targeting millennials. Or maybe your older audience is drawn to photos of 55+ professionals as part of your commercial real estate content, and you should consider your image choice next time you write a post for your senior buyers.

Landing pages can be easy to create and effective when evaluating powerful metrics. Once you have the perfect profiles built for your different audiences, you can more effectively target them.

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