Visit with the Ghosts of Content Marketing Future



By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Just as ol’ Scrooge learned the error of his ways, so can we learn from our past social media mistakes, our current marketing work, and the future trends. In this series, we’ll be visiting with the ghosts of content marketing past, present, and future to glean insights on the state of social media and blogging.

If fortune-telling were easy, everyone would be a lottery winner. Alas, all we can do is read the current trends, keep an eye on research, and make educated guesses. For example, we had a feeling live streaming social video was coming from moves Facebook made. What do we think is coming in the near future for social media marketing and blogging?

#1. Voice search

Alexa is listening. Are you paying attention? Voice-controlled artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to change how we market our blogs and other content. Just as content marketers must optimize content for mobile, we need to learn how to optimize for voice search. Engageq cited a Google survey that found, “72% of people who own one of these devices use them as part of their daily routine.” These consumers are using voice personal assistants to find information about promotions, personalized tips to make their lives easier, and to find information about upcoming events.

#2. Increased Personalization

Personalization could be classified as a present trend, but we believe we’re only seeing its infancy. When it comes to shopping, “nearly 1 in 3 consumers...wish their shopping experience were more personalized than it currently is.” This metric is a small sign of what our clients want: a customized experience from stem to stern.

Personalization is essential to cut through the chatter. Users are presented with tons of information every day. It’s through newsletters delivered to their inboxes, in ads presented on social media, in streaming ads, through influencer recommendations, and yes, even highway billboards. A personalized future delivers the right content at exactly the right time to individuals. With AI empowering our marketing, we’re only going to get better at creating these personalized blogs and social ads.

#3. Collaboration

Reaching the right audience at the right time will require more partnerships. Working with others will allow brands to leverage their combined reach to increase their social engagement and target the right potential user.

Plus, collaborative ventures encourage brands to be creative and stand above the pack. Take Uber’s partnership with Pandora and Spotify to personalize music for customers, or Buffer’s partnership with Delmondo to analyze Instagram Stories data. Note that partnerships must make sense: you want someone who offers similar products and services without competing against you.

#4. Chatbots and AI

Social media and blogging are about delivering excellent customer service to our clients. No future trend speaks to this higher than the implementation of chatbots equipped with AI. Spiceworks surveyed over 500 technology buyers from a range of companies and found, “40 percent of large businesses – those with more than 500 employees – expect to implement one or more intelligent assistants or AI chatbots on company-owned devices.”

A well-programmed chatbot delivers quick answers to simple questions, offers 24/7 service, and helps resolve common complaints quickly. The smarter AI available to us allows better conversations that truly sound real to the client. We’ll be able to use them to quickly answer service-related questions that come in from social sources and collect relevant feedback from customers for human analysis.

Social’s future is tech

When you see the future of social media marketing and blogging, technology is playing a huge role. AI empowered social media marketing is just around the corner. We’ll have deeper insights, more automation, and more ways to engage potential customers. However, the human touch will never fade away. Social media is about that human-to-human relationship building. We’ll just be even better at it.

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