Video Speaks Louder Than Words: Convert Your Blogs to Video


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Successful content marketers are always striving to reach new and ever-expanding audiences. Transforming quality content from one form to another provides two marketing benefits: 1) it breathes new life into marketing, and, 2) it attracts a new audience that prefers the new content type. Converting blogs into a video is a smart way to maximize content reach.

Why blog-to-video?

Video marketing is highly effective when done well. Nearly half of content marketers across the globe said video content had the best return on investment. Studies show it grows revenue, increases landing page conversions, and generates 1200% more shares than other forms of social content.

Not all blog posts make quality videos. Identify the blogs with content still relevant to the audience. Ideal candidates are chock full of helpful tips or list-style blogs. For examples, blogs like “Top 3 Trends We’re Tracking in CRE This Year” or “Make the Most Out of Your Customer Relationship Management Platform” easily transform into video content.

How to Convert Blog to Video

After identifying the blogs, decide the video’s format. Will you speak directly to the audience like Allen Buchanan does in his Tuesday Travel Tip series? Perhaps the video will be an interview with an industry leader, making playing off a partner easy. Conversations with others make the videos easy to film and engaging for the audience. Keep in mind interviews make great live video opportunities. Of course, you don’t have to appear on camera to create a video. Take the sample topic, “Top 3 Trends We’re Tracking in CRE This Year.” This video could be an image montage with a voiceover explaining the trends.

The video format choice determines next steps, like how detailed of a script is needed or if you’ll broadcast live. Even live videos need planning and at the very least, an outline plus some pre-broadcast marketing to solicit an audience.

For storyboard-style videos, some content marketers use PowerPoint to create videos from existing blogs. PowerPoint does make it possible to easily upload the blog, pair with images, and create transitions, but there are other options on the market. Check out blog-to-video extraction tools like Lumen5 or Wibbitz. Create a montage video with AniMoto or Stupeflix. Be different and produce animated videos with GoAnimate. There are plenty of video-creating tools available today for users of all experience levels.

Market Those Videos

Once you’ve swapped the blog for video, let it shine! Market across all relevant social media platforms. Attach to an email campaign. Embed the video directly the original blog page or make sure to link the video and blog to each other. Take longer videos and create shorter snippets ideal for extending content marketing life. Optimize your video’s metadata to increase the bang for your buck. Learn four other ways to make more memorable videos that boost your return on investment.


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