Video Email Marketing: The Next Big Deal?

How can your email campaigns stand out against the inbox flood of retail deals, professional newsletters, and company promos? Easy! Combine the two hottest content marketing trends for 2017: video and email. Real estate content marketers know targeted email campaigns to boost their click-through and return on investment rates, and metrics are proving video improves those numbers.

A personalized video message creates a strong impression with the viewer for two reasons. First it places a face and voice to the name. It’s more intimate than a mail-merged campaign. Second, while video in email isn’t new, adoption has been slow. Few professionals are using video in their email campaigns. Video enhanced inbox content is unique. Simply adding the word “video” into an email subject line can improve open rates by 19%, according to a 2014 white paper. Placing video content into your email campaigns can improve click-through rates by 50%! There’s more research demonstrating the power of the video in email marketing campaigns.

Pay attention to audience metrics as not all email clients currently support the complete use of video. That said, there are a few options to incorporating video into email marketing. One would be a static image with a play button overlay that clicks-through to a video on an outside host like Vimeo, Youtube, or your website. Another would be to use animated GIFs. This file format has been around long enough that most clients can play the .GIF file. A third option is a direct embed into the email so it plays when the user clicks on it without opening a web browser. HTML5 Video is supported by over 60% of email hosts. If your subscribers are primarily Apple Mail or Outlook users, try embedding video into your email.

When it comes to video, the composition matters. How you say it matters as much as what you say. Use quality lighting and be aware of distracting background noises. Keep the length manageable. Users don’t want to view a webinar direct in their email. Be creative in your customized video email messages. Share exclusive product updates with A-list clients. Announce a rebranding or merger and highlight the new look. Send a special holiday message.

New email marketing services are catering to the potential of video email. These providers help users create, edit, and generate a video campaign for their client list. They include, but are not limited to:

·      BombBomb: a platform to create, track, schedule, and create automated responses for real estate

·      CoVideo: designed for business with outlook integration, video templates and easy recording

·      Viwomail: Automated platform ensures email videos to play automatically in the best format possible

·      StreamSend: a feature-rich email marketing platform that includes video email options

Content marketers know that email marketing is a powerful sales tool, and that video drive more leads and more sales. Merging the two disciplines supercharges returns. Start now as video email marketing is poised to become potential top trend in the real estate marketing industry.

Photo Credit:  Joseph Morris

Photo Credit: Joseph Morris

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