Valuable Content – The Gift That Keeps on Giving


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It may feel like a huge investment of your time and energy to create valuable written and visual content for your commercial real estate business. Perhaps you’ve thought cold calling or networking will get you to your goals faster because you can see that immediate return on your time investment.

What most people don’t realize when they are beginning with a marketing content strategy is that valuable content is the gift that keeps on giving. Your work will pay off long after it’s been posted or shared. While a blog post might have a posted date on it, it will continue to serve your business for years to come.

Valuable Backlinks

A huge part of content creation is borrowing information from valuable sources. This is also true when organizations use your concepts in their own blogs and reference the piece you’ve written as a resource.

A backlink is when another content creator links back out to your content in their own. So, if someone shares your recent blog on a topic of interest for them on their blog, they are essentially marketing your content to their audience. And then let’s say someone in their audience shares that post somewhere else. Now it’s being viewed by all their followers, too.

Backlinking can truly create a compounding audience. And as long as your content is available online, people will continue to share and market it for years to come.  Hubspot even found that 76 percent of blog views come from old posts.

Showcasing Your Business in Search Results

It’s just simple math. The more content you create, the more keywords you’ll use, and the more times you’ll show up in search results. And the more you show up in search results the more traffic you’ll receive to your website, and the more traffic you receive the higher you’ll show up in search results… resulting in even more traffic. It’s simple as that!

When search engines determine which websites have the most valuable content, and therefore ranking them higher in their search results, they often look at how many visits you’re getting to your website for content. If you don’t have a strong content strategy, you’ll likely get fewer visitors spending less time on your website.

Other People Sharing

Social media changed the world of viral content and that’s even true for the written work you’re spending so much of your time creating. Have you ever scrolled through your social media feed only to see a video shared that you viewed in 2014? Good content that maintains relevant rarely goes away. It’s almost impossible to know where all your content is going and who is sharing it.

It’s easy to look at a piece you’ve written and assume that only your audience will view it and only during the time in which you share it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you create the right type of content that sparks interest in your readers, the marketing possibilities are endless.

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