Unlocking the Best Keywords for Your Content


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It’s sometimes hard to choose the right words for a Google search. Over the last decade, the search engine has really focused on the concept of keywords as a way to optimize a search. It’s a jungle out there in cyberspace and in order for your CRE site to flourish you have to understand how to search using keywords in the current environment.

What is a Keyword and Why Does it Matter?

A keyword is a word or phrase that identifies what people are looking for and describes what you are writing about. Ideally, these words are bridging a gap between the content of the post and the target audience. If you choose the right keywords, Google will register your content and push your posts higher in the results. When you know what your CRE audience is after you can narrow your content to deliver the answers they are looking for.

There are three types of keywords: short, medium, and long, also known as head, modifier, and key tail words. A short keyword is something general, like cars, and will show you millions of search results. Narrow that search a bit further by typing a brand. Toyota cars will shorten your search slightly, but there still are a lot of Toyotas out there. A long keyword displays results for exactly what type of car you’re looking for: 2007 Toyota Corolla. The longer the phrase, and the more specific it is, the fewer results it will show when a person types it in the search engine.

Coming up with Creative Keywords

So how do you successfully create your own keywords? You should start by brainstorming. Think about your topic and who you are trying to target. Start with a broad idea, for example, commercial properties in Austin. You can create phrases that zoom in further towards the main idea. Keywords pertaining to commercial properties in Austin could include phrases such as available retail space, industrial properties, or space for lease in Austin. Plug these words into an online keyword tool and play around until you come up with a unique way to address your topic in the writing!

There are many free online tools to help you out. The obvious favorite for many years has been Google Keyword Planner. And there are others such as Keyword In and Soovle that also do a super stealthy job searching the web for common phrases. Try a few when performing your keyword analysis to decide which one is best for you. One last little tip of the trade is to use a combination of low and high competitive words in your writing. That way your post is present among the masses, but will also have a strong spot in a more specific search.

Google Yourself

You don’t want to forget to do final check for competition! Log out of every search engine and type in your keyword. How many results show up? Where does your post rank?

Incorporating strategic keywords takes a little bit of work, patience, and skill. But once you master the art of choosing a keyword, your CRE posts will be shining on the top pages of the next Google search.

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