Tweet Your Way to the Top! CRE’s Twitter Leaders

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By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Fun fact: Twitter turned twelve years old in March 2018. The first message? Founder Jack Dorsey’s “just setting up my twttr.” Today, the social platform reported 326 million active users in 2018’s third quarter and generated $758 million in revenue.

The leaders on our list probably haven’t been using Twitter for twelve years, but they are using the social network with great effect. It takes skill to put your thoughts and ideas out there in a way that resonates with audiences and grows followers. Our 31 leaders have mastered that skill and then some. Whether they’re making quips about real estate life or writing thoughtful observations, these Tweeters know the ins and outs of CRE. If you want influencers, follow these accounts!

Coy Davidson


Diana (Podaski) Perry


Adam L. Stanley


Richard Sarkis


Joe Stampone


Michael Lagazo


Nela Richardson


Branon Pesnell


Jeff Vinzani


Duke Long


Julie M. Augustyn


Allen C. Buchanan


Ken Ashley


Jay Rickey


Antony Slumbers


Michael Beckerman


Linda Day Harrison


Cherilyn Kawa Megill


Jon Schultz


Dave Eisenberg


Brandon Sedloff


Ryan Dennis


Michael Bull


Jordan Nof


Howard Kline


Palmer Bayless


Barbi Reuter


Aaron Block


Angela Sweeney


Do you know someone else in CRE who is killing it on Twitter? Comment below and let us know so we can check them out!

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