Turn People On, Not Off, To Your Brand


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Buy this! Buy that! Click here to buy now! Tired of news feeds cluttered with sponsored posts? Not seeing the results you’re looking for with social promotions? Great content marketing breaks the mold to turn people onto your brand without overt selling. The successful promotion of any real estate business relies upon building a solid brand reputation combining experience, great customer service, and intelligence marketing. You can get consumers excited about your brand and create a better social community with four best practices.

#1. Great minds think alike

Understand how influencer marketing works. First, don’t randomly pick influencers or select a person based on their follower count. Influencers work best when you share something in common to build a credible, working relationship. Let’s say you are a commercial real estate agent concentrated on office spaces. At a conference, you meet an interior designer that specializes in smart office design. Your common bond in the commercial office space niche could lay the foundations towards helping each other earn business. Recommend their work, and they’ll recommend you. When it comes to content marketing, ask if they’ll share some of your blogs and social content relevant to office space and entrepreneurs. Now that influencer is expanding your reach to a targeted audience within your niche, making the influencer’s impact on your brand more credible.

#2. Bring on the User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is when marketers solicit, share, and post content created by your customers. Retailers are witnessing the power of UGC to solicit more customers and improve their bottom line. Think of a co-working space provider sharing UGC of how customers use their spaces: yoga classes, productive meetings, hump day events, et al. Leveraging UGC requires staying in touch with relevant industry conversations and the chatter around your brand. Luckily, staying tuned in is easier than ever with existing social tools designed to monitor the chatter. Another option is to outright ask users to create the content, such as in a contest. Share the best UGC on your platforms and keep the customer base engaged.

#3. Deliver an incredible customer experience

The best content marketers create a unique customer experience that draws customers back to their brand repeatedly. From the website to Twitter, the brand engagement is a holistic, unified interaction that reflects brand values and qualities. To deliver a top-notch customer experience, focus on delivering value. Keep your efforts simple, but engage wherever you can. Respond to their questions and comments and keep posting the content the audience likes. For instance, if your ideal customer base spends more time on LinkedIn and Facebook, don’t worry about monitoring Instagram chatter so much. Take a commercial lending marketplace, which probably would see more benefits from publishing monthly informative white papers on LinkedIn than designing fancy infographics for Instagram.

#4. Get up close and personal

People are not cattle and don’t appreciate being treated like a herd. Individuals want to feel heard and valued. Content delivering personal experiences gives consumers the accurate impression you have a vested interest in them, as a person or company, not a cash register. Even Facebook is adapting by presenting personalized content based on a user’s past engagement. Personalized content is easy with email, but it can easily be adapted to content marketing by personalizing subscriber and customer landing pages. Social media marketing can use proximity-based posting and other segmenting capabilities.

Remember, content marketing is about value to the customer, not shameless self-promoting. Let your excellent blogs, videos, podcasts, and more speak for the brand.

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