Top #CRE Companies Killing it on Instagram!

Instagram has taken the social media world by storm with even main-stream companies using this once-considered-quirky platform to engage with their customers and drive significant traffic back to their businesses. “The ‘Gram” was previously considered a spot for sharing vacation photos and latte art but it’s now an important part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, even for CRE businesses.

Here at The Content Funnel we understand that the way customers or potential clients engage with businesses has changed, and companies need to evolve. Even if you aren’t already killing it on Instagram, we’ve come up with a few of our favorite businesses using this platform to change the way they do interact. And ultimately drive revenue back to their businesses.

International Council of Shopping Centers


Getting Personal with Their Clients

ICSC is a company making waves in the shopping center industry, but that isn’t the only place they are standing out. With a quick glance at ICSC’s Instagram account, you almost feel like you’re part of their crew! They have done an amazing job of personalizing their brand to make themselves appear down-to-earth and relatable. I mean, did you see that stack of chocolate cookie dough waffles?!

It’s not just about what they’re eating that day. Have you ever seen a giant garden in the middle of a shopping center that looks like a peacock? Or, a shopping center you can ski into? Neither had we until we checked out the ICSC Instagram feed. See for yourself!



The CRE Instagram that Looks Like Your Next Vacation

CBRE is the largest commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world and boy are they embracing their global reach. Their Instagram page is a far cry from an overly professional, stuffy business account. You might even get this Instagram account mixed up with one of the travel bloggers you follow.

The breathtaking photos that will give you wanderlust mixed with the informative captions offering your next answers to bar trivia give CBRE’s followers a little something more than just information about their company and services. And that’s exactly why people want to follow them.

Cushman & Wakefield


Letting You See Behind The Scenes

Cushman & Wakefield knows what they’re doing when it comes to most things CRE - after all, they are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year! But this also is true for their Instagram account. They use their Instagram account to tell the story of their company, where it’s been and the people that have made it what it is today. Whether it’s hanging out at conferences or sharing biographies of some of their most iconic employees, any follower will feel like a little piece of the Cushman & Wakefield family after following this Instagram account.

Join us for 'How to address geopolitical challenges from a #CRE perspective?' at #CNGlondon #RealEstate #Property

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Office Snapshots


The Architectural Digest of the CRE Instagram World

Office Snapshots is sharing innovative office design through their online publications, so you know they are in the game of being easy on the eyes. And their Instagram page doesn’t disappoint.

With crisp, clean lines and no fear of light or shadow, the Office Snapshots Instagram account is a piece of art. After all, this is what they do! Even if you aren’t in the CRE space, you’ll want to follow this account for its office eye candy and keen sense of design.



A Business Offering a “Human Experience”

JLL seems to be taking the approach that so many successful Instagrammers have by truly telling a story with their account. It’s not just about their business, it’s really about their people and that is very evident in what they share with their Instagram family. A CRE company that does an Instagram interview with their office barista (or one that even has an office barista) is definitely a step ahead of the game in the social media world.

Jonathan Schultz


Consistency is Key

Jonathan Schultz is a real estate investor and blogger who uses his Instagram account as an extension of his already significant online presence. His posts carries a consistent black, white and yellow theme that support Jonathan’s brand and recognition. He also uses Instagram as a platform to drive traffic to his blog posts - sharing tidbits and snippets he knows his audience will relate to, something every Instagrammer should do.

What's your web looking like... #StreetSchultz

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A Great Video Strategy with a Hometown Feel

For anyone that lives, loves or has once loved the Big Apple, you’ll definitely resonate with Triplemint’s Instagram. Their business is focused on real estate in New York City, but you wouldn’t know from their Instagram page which feels more like an NYC lifestyle page. The local recommendations and flawlessly executed neighborhood videos make you feel like a local - even if you’re living halfway across the world. This is a great example of how companies are building their brands around just the parts of their business they are most passionate about. In this case, the city that never sleeps!

Regency Centers


It’s Not Just About Business - It’s Also About Service

If you’ve been in the CRE community for a while it’s likely you’ve heard of Regency Centers, which specializes in developing large scale shopping centers. But what you might not know is that they have a real dedication to volunteer work, which is clear in their service-focused Instagram account. They find the balance of business posts and ones that raise awareness for different causes they support. For a company so well known in their market they have innovated when it comes to their marketing strategy by focusing on something their audience can either relate to or admire.

Phillips Edison & Company


Colorful Photos and a Colorful Team

As one of the largest owners of shopping centers across the U.S., Phillips Edison & Company has thrown a little extra color into their Instagram posts, in more way than one. They aren’t afraid to stray from talking shop, with everything from crazy new technology like a completely automated ordering system where your meal magically appears behind a screen to their the employees tailgating for the big football game. Once you spend a few minutes scrolling through their photos you may just feel like you’re part of the team. And with this account the colorful images are sure to brighten any day!

CRE // Tech


Share Online to Meet Your Clients Offline

This company holds the biggest commercial real estate tech events in the industry and they aren’t afraid to talk about it on their Instagram page. CRE//Tech uses the social media platform to provide their followers with hot industry news and happenings. Their feed doesn’t just include helpful tips and news for people with their pulse on this industry, they encourage their followers to join in on the fun at any of their many events.

It was great meeting with our friends @viewthespace today in #NYC! #cretech #cre #realestate #thenewsfunnel

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Urban Land Institute


Going Green, In More Ways Than One

The mission of the Urban Land Institute is to provide "leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.” Because this company stands firm in its view of green initiatives, this hue is reflected in their Instagram feed. The clean lines, green theme and engaging content (to include video) really represents the company’s mission and purpose - something we should all strive for in our social media presence.



Using Instagram as a Marketplace

Brevitas is a CRE marketplace that allows you to close faster and market smarter - all through Instagram. The company uses this platform to showcase properties from Iowa to Italy. What’s so special about an Instagram page with a bunch of listings? Let their photos do the talking and take a look at their feed. They use professional, crisp and colorful photography in a simple and easily consumable presentation. I’d like to shop for everything on a page like this.

Unique Adria Property | Beautiful Croatian Coast. Presented by Sotheby's Realty International.

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Property Capsule


Techies Know Social

Property Capsule is a commercial real estate tech startup that helps you centralize your photos, plans, property data, and documents all into one piece of software. The company is newer to Instagram, but building a quick following. Property Capsule has had no problem building a brand around a modern and bright look and feel which comes across clearly on their Instagram page. The people working there seem pretty cool too - we might even want to work at Property Capsule!

Let the Comic Con madness begin! #sdcc

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Commercial Real Estate or Social Startup?

Buildout is a marketing startup focused on the CRE space, and they’re everything you think a marketing startup would be. The Buildout Instagram account is used mainly to show their fun office environment and passionate employees. Because they are a startup it’s important for their clients and investors to see that they really know marketing and can do it well. Sometimes just the act of knowing social media builds credibility with your potential clients, and that’s definitely true for Buildout.

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