Top 5 SEO Tools to Improve Ranking

Just like plants need water to grow, websites need smart search engine optimization (SEO) to boost organic traffic. Beyond incorporating basic best practices, having the right tools help fine-tune your SEO decisions. The market is thick with SEO research options. We’ve pruned the thicket to identify the top five SEO tools to help real estate professionals gain the competitive edge in organic ranking.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner remains king of keyword research. The application is intended for advertising use, but it’s hard to beat for free organic keyword research. Search by keywords, product, service, or categories. Target keywords to specific areas. Keyword Planner returns data on average monthly searches, competition, and other relevant metrics. Learn traffic forecasts on particular keywords and gain ideas on related keywords to boost SEO.

Deep Crawl

Ready for a more technical approach to SEO? Deep Crawl is a paid application but it lives up to its name. Run a thorough analysis of every single page on your website. Receive an easy-to-read comprehensive report counting the number of broken internal links, broken external links, non-indexable pages, H1 tags, and more. It will note any missing titles, duplicate pages, and content length amongst its many reporting options.


If you’re looking for link monitoring and analysis, Ahrefs is a good place to start. Track link information on any domain, including competitors. Learn how to exceed their ranking in search engine profiles and find new linking opportunities. See referring domains, redirects, subdomains and more. Ahrefs provides a backlink history, content explorer, crawl reports and more in easy to understand reporting. Plans and pricing vary.

Link Research Tools

Improve link building with Link Research Tools. The link database combines data from 24 sources for a compile profile. Learn if your website should focus more on SEO or brand links and compare your profile to competitors. Link Research Tools is a paid application ideal for advanced SEO.


Most real estate professionals are concerned about their search engine rank for a good reason: most users don’t move past the first page in their web search. AuthorityLabs is a rank tracking superstar that helps users understand what keywords your website is ranking for. Automate SEO monitoring and track local rankings across search engines. A free trial is available.

Search engine optimization is just one way to boost traffic to your real estate website. View more ideas to encourage traffic and improve website ranking.


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