To Content Market or Traditionally Market? What Startups Need to Know

Wisely spending initial capital is crucial for early-stage startups. The funds received from a closed Series A or other funding sources are all you have until your product starts selling. That’s why using capital to hire core positions required to develop a quality product instead of investing heavily in marketing is a wise decision.

Don’t get us wrong! Marketing is important. But marketing expenses can drain a startup’s cash before getting off the ground--unless you use a smart content marketing strategy. Startups should skip traditional marketing tactics like spending money on press releases or buying expensive keyword boosts for more effective content campaigns. Here’s why:

Quality Content Drives Traffic--for Free!

Relevant, quality content can drive traffic and boost your search engine optimization (SEO) without spending a dime. A single blog provides opportunities share unique content on social media, mention industry influencers and reach out to them on social media, or to ask customers to sign up on an email list--all ways of driving web traffic. Plus it organically builds your list of important keywords and over time will drive traffic to your website without paying a penny for a keyword ad boost. See our favorite examples of content marketing done right for ideas.

Content Marketing is Cheaper with Better Returns

Content marketer Neil Patel claims content marketing costs 62% less than traditional methods with three times as many leads--perfect for a startup! Use a guest post or informative articles to get published on top industry websites for free. These posts put your name on the radar, increasing chances of attracting media attention without shelling big bucks for press release distribution. The blog or article should include a biography and link back to your company, and can be referenced on your site, increasing your credibility.

Outsourcing is Cost-Effective

Hiring a full-time content marketer with the experience you need at the rate you can afford may not be realistic for startups, especially as your marketing strategy is in development. Outsourcing is a way to hire experienced content creators on a limited budget. These professionals work with you to find the topics best for your content, develop thoughtful pieces, and use strategies to build your reputation. As your startup grows, adjust your contract to better fit your content and budget needs. The News Funnel has an example of available outsourced content marketing services.

In short, content marketing is the most cost effective strategy for building traction as a startup company. Use your initial funding to focus on providing a quality product that will impress customers and media organically, leading to a buzz that will sustain growth without wasting precious seed funds.

Lindsey ImperatoreComment