Tips for harnessing the power of social media to attract customers

Guest Post by Duke Vukadinovic, online marketing expert at FirstSiteGuide

Having a social media presence is extremely important in modern digital media marketing. It allows businesses, and therefore, real estate agencies to emotionally connect with their followers. However, while making sure that you are properly utilizing the power of social media marketing, it is necessary to analyze the variety of data.

There are several different factors that you have to take into consideration when you are starting a social media marketing campaign.

  • Picking social media networks – To start it off, it is important that you pick the social media networks that you want to be present on. Doing this includes forming a presence on all popular social media websites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others. Being present in all of them is going to enable you to track data and see which of these networks is doing the job for you.
  • Social media management tools – As managing multiple social media accounts is quite a challenging task, these tools make it easier for you to simultaneously manage several different social media networks. There are different social media management tools available nowadays, including HootSuite, SocialBro, Buzzsumo, and SocialFlow. Each of these tools offers a different set of features, aimed at making social media management a much easier process.
  • Posting time – Your activity on social media networks is also important, as there are peak times during the day when the majority of people are spending their time online. Following these statistics is a great way of achieving a greater outreach, with better results.

This is why guys at FirstSiteGuide, have decided to make this cheat sheet which includes all the most important data about social media presence, such as posting times, the best management tools, as well as the best times for contacting people in your mailing list. Use the data to improve your real estate marketing strategy.

The Best Times to Post to Social Networks - Cheat Sheet
The Best Times to Post to Social Networks – Cheat Sheet was created by First Site Guide Team.
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