Tips for Finding Your Brand Value



By Amanda Bowen, Director of Business Development at The Content Funnel

In an earlier blog, we talked about how promoting your brand values increases customer awareness and retention. Your brand values are qualities your audience connects with and finds a reason to stay loyal. Then the question came, “how do you find your brand values?”

Let’s begin by looking at example values. Below is a short list of brand values used by companies. Hopefully, a few of these will resonate and start your brainstorm.

  • Stewardship

  • Integrity

  • Performance

  • Involved

  • Teamwork

  • Quality

  • Accountability

  • Bold

  • Social value

  • Courage

  • Straightforward

  • Transparency

Brand values aren’t meaningless words. See the values in action with these ten companies.

Now that you see what kind of adjectives describe brand values and how companies use them in their messaging, let’s look at some strategies to pinpoint your brand’s.

#1. Start by asking questions.

To look at your brand values, go beyond what do you do.  Ask “how do you do it,” “why do you do it?” This infograph from B2B International does an excellent job of explaining the relationship between the what, how, and why used in the targeting method.

#2. Get outside input.

When in doubt, ask others. Send a survey to your customers, colleagues, and your employees. In one of the questions, ask them to select the top five values reflecting your brand. Or, be less direct with open-ended questions such as, “what do you feel when you hear our company name?”

#3. Describe the brand from the customer’s point-of-view.

When you read customer feedback or customer reviews, what does it say? What do you want it to say? Pretend you are a customer. Try to describe your brand in two to three sentences.

#4. Avoid cliche words

You want your brand values to be specific and not overdone.  How many times have you heard the word “trusted” or “reliable” when used to describe a company? These words have been used so often, they have lost their value. They sound nice, and that's about it.

Your brand values

Whatever words you choose, back them up with action. How are you accountable? What to do you that shows transparency? Every company delivers a different brand value. Part of what we do is use content to communicate the unique values of commercial real estate brands


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