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If all content was created equal, social networks would the same. No ephemeral host Snapchat, no image-forward Instagram, no hashtag Twitter. All marketers would adopt the same formula. Thank goodness we have variety! That said, some content types do generate better leads than others. Over 68% of marketers say they struggle with lead generation. Improve your numbers two ways:


The Content That Gains Leads

Marketing Professionals surveyed 255 marketers and the majority found research reports and video convert better. “Research reports” refers to any data-based, extended length document like case studies, white papers, and ebooks. Videos included pre-generated, live streaming, and other motion graphics such as .gifs. Nearly half of respondents said research reports lead to a higher conversion rate, while 44% of respondents claimed video increased conversions. Of particular note, in a different study with similar findings, 78% of buyers downloaded case studies, making it the top content types accessed by buyers.


Why Research Reports?

Buyers conduct extensive investigations before making their purchase; data indicated 94% of buyers will research first. Content marketing’s objective is to provide value to the consumer and research papers deliver on that front. Publishing thoroughly researched content builds a brand’s credibility and impresses readers.

A related research survey from Demand Gen on what content buyers will submit their contact information for ranks, in order, white papers at the top, followed by ebooks, webinars, case studies, and analyst reports.


Why Video?

People are more likely to watch a video than read about how to do something. This is especially true for busy working professionals and executive decision-makers. Videos work well to demonstrate how to use a product. Besides product demonstrations, use videos for:

  • A personal introduction to the company

  • Interviewing industry leaders to build credibility

  • Presenting relevant content on industry topics

  • Converting leads to customers

  • Marketing content across multiple platforms: website, email, and social

When a video is used on a landing page, conversion rates increase up to 80%. That’s a powerful figure.

As an added bonus to creating researched content and video content, both tend to be evergreen sources. Once published, they continue attracting new visitors to your brand. The distribution potential for both content forms is significant. Research reports provide a treasure trove of snippets ideal for social media marketing. Convert videos into blogs or break into small, teasable social posts. Long story short, the time invested into these two content types can generate strong returns for your content marketing strategy.

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