The Top 6 Key Features Every Real Estate Blog Must Have

Whether you’re in the process of building your real estate blog or have had one for a while now, there are a few key features that every real estate blog must have to help you achieve your goal of becoming a real estate influencer or thought leader.

We’ve talked in the past about the most important elements of a highly effective blog post —but in this article, we’ll go a bit broader and talk about the elements your blogging platform must have to be successful.

#1. Who Are You?

First and foremost, who are you? If someone lands on your blog —whether via a social media post or email campaign— what will they learn about you? Make sure you have an “About” page that introduces who you are and why you write your blog. Jonathan Schultz’s blog is a great example.

#2. Can They Get Around?  

Another key feature of any real estate blog is easy navigation —how quickly and easily your visitors can find what they’re looking for a browse through the site. There are a wealth of articles (like this one from Kissmetrics) that talk about the dos and don’ts of blog navigation. We’re partial to blogs that offer a streamlined main navigation and post navigation that incorporates photos like the Wise Agent blog.

#3. Can You Be Contacted?

Now that your visitors have learned who you are and have read a few of your blog posts, can they contact you? Make sure your contact information is easily found —and current! RealMassive’s blog has prominent contact information in their “Contact” section so visitors can take action quickly.

#4. Can Visitors Share?

Social sharing is how your content will find its wings. Make sure that your blog not only has your business social media accounts easily accessible, but also offers social sharing capabilities and the end of each post —allowing your visitors to share the content with their sphere. Coldwell Banker Commercial’s new blog has their social media profiles easily seen by all visitors.

#5. Do They Know What to Do?

All good blogs must also feature a prominent CTA (or Call to Action) that tells the reader to do something. Maybe that means signing up for email notifications every time you post a new piece of content. Or, maybe that means signing up to download your most recent ebook. PivotDesk’s blog is a great example —they ask you to subscribe right away.

#6. Is it Fresh?

Nothing will turn off your visitors faster than a blog that hasn’t been updated. Make sure you’re providing fresh, quality content and you’ll keep people coming back for more. The Brevitas blog —called The Bulletin— is frequently updated with fresh content, which is then featured in a scrolling carousel at the top of the page for easy access.

Putting it into Practice

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