The Secrets of Millionaires – What They Are Doing Different from You


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It’s all about living the dream – right? Chasing down that seven-figure income that ends happily in early retirement on a beach in the Caribbean. Perhaps these are the kinds of dreams you strive for and are wondering what sets those people apart from you and your commercial real estate business.

What exactly are these accomplished entrepreneurs and CRE professionals doing to make it big? We’ve collected some valuable tidbits from these success stories that maybe you can implement into your daily routine to make this the most successful year yet!

#1. Engage with the people you look up to.

They say that you’re the sum of the people you’re closest to, so what kind of role models are you surrounding yourself with? It’s important to hang out with people that inspire and motivate you, and who might just be a little bit more successful than you. After all, you never want to be the most accomplished  or smartest person in the room.

#2. Practice discipline.

While you might not be ready to start waking up at 4am just yet, discipline is something habitually successful people tend to practice. Maybe start with a new fitness routine, or give up a bad habit you’ve been meaning to drop. Either way, good habits and stronger discipline will help you to succeed in your CRE business.

#3. Focus on being happy and grateful.

No matter how good or bad business is, successful entrepreneurs make a habit of focusing on the positive and giving thanks for the things that have gone right in their business. Maybe a big deal fell through for you this month, but remember that great client you had last month? Focus on those positives.

#4. Time block your schedule.

It’s easy to dip low on the productivity scale when you don’t have your time or day planned. Consider blocking out hours with specific tasks on your schedule every morning. Make time for networking here, and prospecting there. Use these hours to follow up with past clients, or work on your marketing. Have a clearly defined task for each hour of your work day, and stick to it. You’ll be shocked how productive you’ll be!

#5. Review and note the status of all transactions.

Often when things get busy simple aspects of a transaction can get lost in the shuffle. And clients will always remember what you didn’t do, not what you did so don’t drop the ball now! Each morning, carve out some time to review each of your outstanding transactions and any follow up that needs to be done on their respective stages. Not only will you feel more organized, it will be much harder for things to slip through the cracks.

Accomplishing great success in business is about so much more than closing deals, it’s a mindset! And many great entrepreneurs contribute their success to process and perseverance. So, get out there and start today with the mindset of a millionaire!

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