The Right Recipe for Branding Success


By Amanda Bowen, Director of Business Development at The Content Funnel

If no two social strategies are the same, then no two branding strategies should be alike, right? Well, kind of. While your actual brand absolutely should be unique from everyone else on the market, the steps to get arrive at a cohesive, individual brand are rather the same. The most successful brands have one special ingredient in common: their brand is about the people. Follow these steps and you’ll see why.

#1. Learn what people need

Your business won’t succeed without clients. It doesn’t matter if you are a real estate broker or running a CRE CRM company: you need people.

To craft your brand, you start with the people. You must become an expert in your core audience. Look at the demographic data, sure, but go beyond. Your services must match their needs. Never make presumptions about their needs. Pay attention to them on social media. Conduct surveys. Interview customers. Ask how can you best help them resolve pain points. Know their hopes, beliefs, and driving values. Dig deeper into their daily struggles and frustrations.

Paint a clear picture of this core audience and keep them in the room with you as you continue building your brand.

#2. Craft the message carefully

Start with defining your brand value. You know your audience. What skills do you bring to the table that will benefit them? How will you communicate what makes your company different and exciting?

Think elevator pitch. People don’t have time for life stories. Wrap what is most essential about your brand into a little nugget. They may not care about your founding CEO’s extensive history in the field or that you have more clients than a competitor. Sell someone on your brand in thirty seconds or less.

#3. Flesh out the details

Armed with a succinct message targeting your core audience, the verbals and visuals come next. In the future, we’ll cover more about the impact of visuals and words in your brand message. For now, know you’ll need to spend time creating a business name, tagline, and voice. This includes details like what fonts you’ll use to convey the message, the logo, the brand colors, and more. Consult with a graphic designer on creating brand guidelines for your visuals.

#4. Focus on unique value

Throughout the process, remember your audience’s uniqueness, but also yours. There’s something about you and your service that no one else can do. Perhaps this uniqueness lies in your values, such as a commitment to giving back or a push towards sustainability. Find ways to communicate this through your brand, like in your mission or your tagline.

It’s vital to clearly present who you are and how you can help customers in every client touchpoint: your social, your website, your printed flyers. With the right branding message centered around your customers and your distinct business values, people will know what to say about your business.


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