The Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Blog

You’ve crafted a beautiful piece of content for your next blog. Now it’s time to get your readers to click and read. How do you give your content the boost it deserves? Publication is more than posting a link on social media platforms. While the ways to promote are endless, our favorite seven depend on effective networking skills and some creative distribution tactics.

Know Your Target Audience

In order to promote effectively, match the content to the needs of your target audience. Understand their problems and provide the information to help them solve it. Know where they are going and when they visit to maximize your sharing potential. Posting at 11am when they are most likely to read at 3pm is a disservice to your content.

Build relationships with real people

Before asking someone to guest blog or share your content, build a real, viable relationship. Aim for depth and substance instead of networking with as many people as possible. This ensures more of your content will be promoted over time in a genuine manner. Remember to share content from others, especially your key relationships. Give some love to get some love.

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Get Personal

Used someone’s information or quote in a blog? Don’t just tweet a thank you, actually email them your thanks and include a link in the content. It sets you apart from other content marketers and increases the chances they’ll share your content on their networks, now and in the future. Plus a sincere note helps establish a better relationship (see above and below).

Create Specific Target Influencers

Identify a list of targets to turn into your content advocates. These should be people with similar interests or have shared content from your competitors. Ensure you follow them on your social platforms including LinkedIn. When you publish new content, send them a notification asking them to review your content. Gain bonus points for mentioning them in your content.

Maximize Social Potential

Pay attention to your target audience’s most active hours on social platforms and on your blog traffic. Match your promotional efforts to their schedule to maximize your success. Then share it in multiple places, and if you’re particularly proud of it, republish it! There’s nothing wrong with sharing months-old quality content again and again. Hit new fans or followers that missed it the first time.

Turn Content Into Video

Reach a new and different audience by turning your content into a video. Publish on YouTube or Vimeo and optimize to gain more exposure. The audio can be turned into a podcast and the transcription can become its own blog. Embed the video on your blog to bump SEO; search engines are starting to give more space for videos for results.

Email Sign-Up

Create a call-to-action asking readers to sign up for alerts. Send an email update with every new blog post. This direct method of communication reaches the users not active on social media and will drive an initial traffic boost to your blog. Include links that make sharing socially or forwarding via email easy.


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