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If we've said it once, we've said it a dozen times. Content marketers should not discount LinkedIn as a content marketing platform. It may not be as snazzy as Instagram or SnapChat, but its potential for business-to-business marketers is clear from the research. It does require a different approach to content. Here's how.

Change your content type

Traditionally blogging is a short form–that is, around 500 words. The shorter format is easier to produce for content marketers publishing original content several times a week. With LinkedIn, well-researched, informative content provides more value and more evergreen material than other content types. A BuzzSumo study found that articles ranging from 1,000 to 3000 words or the most shared pieces of content on LinkedIn. The study looked at over 80,000 posts, and most were less than 1,000 words. Content Marketing Institute also looked at 136,000 shared articles over a five-year period and found the same results: long-form trumped short posts. For marketers concerned about frequency, there's no need to publish something every single day on LinkedIn, especially when prioritizing quality long-form content.

LinkedIn Marketing Expanding

A report by Social Media Examiner surveyed over 5000 marketers. The results show that LinkedIn is still skewed towards business-to-business marketing. Slightly over half of users include LinkedIn as part of their social media strategy. Still, marketers have increased their LinkedIn activity and over half plan to continue increasing their activity over the next year.  LinkedIn is prime for expansion because it's not flooded with as much content as other platforms. This means what users do post is more likely to be viewed.

New Connections Option

One of Linkedin's most recent updates is the “connections of” filter. Real estate professionals know referrals are the best source of business. We've talked in the past about how LinkedIn is great for finding and soliciting referrals. Now the platform has made it easier to grow your network by searching your connection's connections. You can see who's connected to who and leverage that to target your marketing efforts or ask your original connection to make an introduction.


Images Matter on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has received the memo that images attract views. Even on LinkedIn, profiles with attractive profile images received more click-throughs than those without. Linkedin's own data shows that published content with images game 94% more total views than text-only content. In the latest features update, users can now publish up to 9 images per content post. To make this feature really count, choose photos of high quality that really reflect your brand.

Learn more about including LinkedIn in your content marketing strategy and how to use the platform better to expand your business.

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