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Surprise! Over half of content marketers are planning to use video marketing in the next year. Okay, maybe that number isn’t that much of a surprise for content pros in the know, but it is one of the insights in the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by the Social Media Examiner. The 9th annual social media survey had over 5,700 marketers respond. The majority worked for small businesses of 2-10 employees while 16% worked for a company of 100+ employees. The report’s insights into the tactics that are working and trends apply across industries, including for real estate content marketers.

The survey matches our recent blog on the top platforms for CRE professionals. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the networks of choice for most content marketers.


Of course the largest social media network in the world stands atop the social heap. Facebook remains a top choice for all types of marketers. Most marketers increased their posting frequency over the last year and averaged eight Facebook posts a day. The social network generated billions in advertising revenue, and 93% of marketers said they purchased Facebook advertising. Another 64% plan to increase their advertising presence. That’s surprising since the 40% of respondents said they don't know if their Facebook marketing is actually working and over half reported a decline in exposure on Facebook's news feed. Nearly 40% of marketers are unsure if their Facebook marketing plans are effective. Real estate professionals that need help on determining the efficiency of any social media advertising should check out our information on metrics.


When the survey respondents were asked to select the one most important platform for their business, LinkedIn ranked second behind superstar Facebook. Business-to-business content marketers are more likely to focus on LinkedIn and Twitter than Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn placed second for B2B brands in usage, with 37% of brands investing time and effort into the platform. It represented 16% of paid advertising overall, but B2B marketers purchased 19% more LinkedIn social ads than business-to-customer marketers. Content marketers on average updated LinkedIn four times a day and 68% of B2B marketers plan to increase their LinkedIn posting activity in the next year.


The third most important social platform used by businesses for marketing, Twitter’s standing declined 3% from 2016. Most content marketers using Twitter tweet six times during a day. Over half of content marketers have increased their Twitter frequency over the last 12 months and over half plan on upping their activities in the next year. This is interesting given Twitter's downward swing in new users.


The survey backs what other research trends are showing: Instagram has hit a growth spurt. Instagram marketing is making up what Twitter lost, rising 3% in the single most important platform category and leapfrogging YouTube. Over half of content marketers use Instagram and 63% plan to increase their Instagram activities. The average business posts on Instagram four times a day camera and 41% of content marketers have increased their frequency over the last 12 months. Nearly three-quarters of content marketers want to learn more about using the platform. Over 60% of marketers are planning to continue increasing their Instagram posting activities during the next year.

Content types

Visual imagery has long been the front-runner in social media, with 85% of content being visual images. Visuals refer to photos, infographics, and other graphs. However, it should be no surprise that live video usage significantly jumped during the last year, given the roll out across multiple networks. Live video represented 28% while all other types of video or presented 57%. 61% of marketers are planning to use live video such as Facebook Live, and another 69% plan to learn more about using live video in their marketing. Video marketing is what marketers want to learn more about. Business-to-business marketers are more likely to use blogging, while business-to-customer marketers are more likely to use video. Looking to stand out from the crowd? Podcasting remains an area for growth given its only use by 8%.

Finally, the survey hit on the emerging tech intriguing marketers: messaging apps, virtual reality and 360, artificial intelligence and bots. That’s in line with the trends reshaping real estate marketing. Get ahead of the curve: start learning and adopting this new technology for your content marketing practices.

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