The Future of Hands-Free Marketing


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Remember when smart glasses seemed like a thing of the future? Well, the future is here, folks!  While glass applications are still in the infancy stages, wearable devices have the potential to drive half of all application interactions in the coming years.

At the rate glasses are becoming popular, it won’t be long before these devices make their way into our daily lives. Now is the time for real estate to think about expanding their marketing strategy to include wearable devices. This will give businesses an edge that is sure to capitalize on their market efforts.

Concentrate on Brand Awareness

Pulling out your phone in public is about to become an antiquated action as yet another new technology steps on the scene. Smart glasses and augmented reality are on the rise. And this technology is sure to steal the show in the coming years as real estate begins to integrate wearable devices into their marketing strategy. Companies are working to advertise directly to the consumer through glasses. The commoditization of RFID chips and scanners at the supermarket allow for unique interactions with products of all shapes and sizes. Now think beyond the shelves and into the world of commercial real estate. Signs and properties have the potential to also have the same RFID technology to deliver stats about listing on the spot.

Pinning Down Location Advertising

Real estate advertising and marketing have to stay abreast the latest technology trends to deliver a successful campaign, especially as tech-savvy Gen-Z will soon make their debut on the market. The ability to market to consumers as they walk down the street or drive in their car will be the new norm. Imagine a client wearing some smart specs walks past a commercial property. The “For Sale” sign, tricked out with the newest RFID technology, flashes the facts in their eyeball, right on the spot. They’ll have instant access to the property specs and info about the agent repping the property. BAM! The industry is forever changed. Of course, the technology is developed and sophisticated enough to register and highlight each client’s individual property preferences.

Collecting Pools of Data

Smart glasses today have head tracking and even eye tracking capabilities that boost data about consumer buying behaviors. It provides access to a customer’s location, down to the aisle of the supermarket, and then knows exactly where their eyes and head are moving--it’s insane! Registering when a pair of eyes dash across the property line of a for-sale building could help agents target potential clients. And the data would be gold in helping other areas of the marketing strategy stay inflated.

Experts in the real estate industry predict hands-free marketing will have a huge impact over the next several years. Whether it’s helping a potential client find a property, an agent showcasing a listing, or a builder visualizing changes to a blueprint, wearable devices will reshape how business is done in the real estate sector.

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