The Do's and Don'ts of Guest Blogging by Sarah Malcolm


Guest blogs spots arrive in various ways. Maybe your awesome networking skills paid off and someone asked you to contribute. Perhaps the site accepts guest blogs, or you’ve pitched the idea to someone you admire. Regardless of the how the guest post happened, be a good guest to take advantage of the opportunity.

#1. Do find blogs that reach your key audience.

If you’re looking for a blog to submit a guest blog post, first you need to pinpoint who has the right audience for your content. The right venue will drive traffic back to your blog and build brand credibility.

#2. Don’t ignore the guidelines.

Blogging on another site is like visiting someone’s house. Some blogs have guest guidelines. Follow them! Otherwise, your post may never be published or there will be fewer repeat invitations. Revise if requested. When the blog is accepted for publication, write a thank-you.

#3. Do write a killer bio to send traffic your way.

The best guest blog opportunities include a byline with your name and the opportunity for a short 2-3 sentence biography. Carefully craft these sentences to communicate the most important information about your brand or you. Include a link to your company website or your LinkedIn page.

#4. Do reciprocate the sharing.

This is only if applicable, such as if you’ve personally arranged the guest blog post. If the person is sharing their blog space with you, offer blog space back. It’s only fair, and excellent promotion for both of you.

#5. Don’t experiment too much.

Guest blogging is not the time to try new styles. Except for changing your style or formatting to fit specific guidelines, write how you know. Let the blog’s audience get to know you for you and save the experimenting for a more forgiving audience: your blog.

#6. Do show off your expertise.

Select a killer topic that offers original insights. Don’t write a basic overview of the subject material. Remember the point of blogging is to educate and inform. Really drive home your main point and dive deep into the blog topic. Make sure the topic hits your typical audience and the guest blog’s typical audience.

#7. Don’t stop using best blogging practices.

Choose links wisely, as always. Links should direct to original sources or authoritative research. Links to your content are fine, but don’t overwhelm the blog with links to your pages. Break content into chunks with headings, bullets, and numbered lists. Of course, the style guidelines trump any formatting best practices.

#8. Do promote.

Even if the guest blog doesn’t push your post on their social platforms (they should!), do it yourself. Prove your worth as a guest blogger by bumping traffic on the guest’s website. Use your content marketing platform to send your audience to the post.


When the right guest blog opportunity arrives, jump on it. Guest blogs offer the chance to reach a new audience and cross-promote your ideas. Include guest blogs as part of your overarching content marketing strategy to facilitate partnerships and promote industry networking.

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