The #12DaysOfContentMarketing: THREE Reasons Why You Should Be Building an E-mail List


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On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me – THREE reasons for an e-mail list!

E-mail lists. They sound so glamorous, don’t they? Right up there with those flashy Instagram photos or witty Tweets. Okay, maybe not. Regardless of how effective it is, content marketers often overlook the importance of building an e-mail list because either they don’t understand the advantages or they don’t want to put in the time with such an unglamorous aspect of marketing.

Building an e-mail list is like serving Christmas dinner without the ham or turkey. While people often say that the sides are more important, or frankly more delicious, no one is going to see your dinner as complete without the oh-so-important turkey, right? They’ll say you can overlook it but if you do they will remind you that it is the backbone of your Christmas dinner, just like your e-mail list is one of the most important elements of your CRE marketing strategy. But, why?

#1. You own your e-mail list.

This is probably the number one reason to build and regularly engage an e-mail list for your CRE business. It’s great that you have 10,000 followers on Instagram or that your Facebook community is 5,000 strong, but what happens if any of those platforms disappear tomorrow? Say goodbye to all your past and potential clients!

For those that regularly use Instagram as part of their marketing strategy, you may already understand how a simple change in a platform’s algorithm can greatly affect your audience engagement. Depending on a third party to maintain your database of clients without you having any other way of contacting them is a dangerous game you shouldn’t be playing this holiday season or any other time of the year.

#2. E-mail has the highest return on investment of any marketing technique.

According to McKinsey & Company, e-mail is 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter because 91 percent of all US consumers still use e-mail daily while they may not use social media at all.

And your customers actually prefer it as a communication channel. A survey conducted by Nielsen asked consumers how they prefer to receive updates from the companies they follow and 90 percent said e-mail while 10 percent chose social media. While social media is still extremely important when it comes to building relationships with your audience, e-mail is a critical tool to convert leads into paying clients.

#3. An e-mail list is a cheap, fast and effective way to communicate directly with your target audience.

E-mail delivery tools allow you to send messages to thousands of followers in your audience at a very small, often monthly, cost. You’re not paying expensive pay-per-click amounts for ads or spending money with expensive agents to develop a strategy for your campaigns.

E-mails are often simple updates that can be created by you or with a little help from a third party like The Content Funnel. And with just the small cost of a mass e-mail provider you can be sure that your message is being delivered directly to your audience and not hidden by some algorithm or not seen by clients that are less social media savvy.


So as soon as you’re done putting that sleigh on your roof or scarfing down some holiday cookie dough before it goes in the oven, get started on building your important e-mail list!

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