The #12DaysOfContentMarketing: TEN Things You Can Blog About TODAY


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On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me – TEN Things to Blog About Today!

If you’ve read our blog about writer’s block, you know how it easy it is to get stuck on a content creation project. And sometimes it isn’t just about the writing but actually coming up with the initial idea for your blog. In the spirit of giving this holiday season, we’re sharing our ten favorite ideas for commercial real estate blogs!

CRE Industry Topics

What could be better than sharing your expertise with your target audience? If you have your finger on the pulse of all things commercial real estate, you clients will trust that you will help them make the best choices when it comes to their CRE needs.

Common Frustrations for Your Target Audience

Ever read a blog that feels like the writer is reading your mind and understanding your biggest frustrations? Everyone wants to work with someone that really understands or “gets” them. If you can identify some of the common questions or regular frustrations your clients have, sharing blogs that address those issues should resonate with a larger audience.

Community Happenings

If your commercial real estate business is local to a particular area, writing blog posts that discuss local happenings or community events that might be relevant to your audience (like small business meetups or networking events), you’ll not only be providing your audience with value but you’ll be improving your local SEO.

The Effects of Politics on Market Conditions

How will the latest tax bill effect commercial real estate? Will local regulations make it harder to get construction permits? Getting unbiased information from a source they trust will send your potential and current clients back to your blog for future insight.

The State of Local Businesses

Showcasing your expertise on all things your city’s business environment, especially if your CRE business focuses on retail or office space, will also help position your company as the place to go for that inside knowledge of your client’s market.

Trends in Your Area of Expertise

How will the industrial market change in 2018? Are retailers struggling with the introduction of so many e-commerce companies? How will the state of the housing market in your area effect restaurants and retailers looking to expand? Not only will you provide value for your potential clients, you’ll be seen as really knowing your stuff!

Case Studies or Success Stories

While you can talk about how great you are all day long, there’s nothing like a case study or client testimonial to prove your value to your audience. Pick an interesting project or particularly heart-warming success story and use that content to attract new clients through story-telling.

Trusted Partners or Vendors

Many times potential clients will be looking for a “one stop shop” in a commercial real estate partner. Do you have an in-house design expert or a reputable construction partner to assist in property remodels? Talk about your valuable partners and how they can make the CRE process that much easier for your clients.

Things That Make Your Business Unique

Do you have a startup-type work environment? Is your CRE business passionate about charitable giving? Do you sponsor a local family in need for the holidays? Write about things that make your business unique and memorable, and your clients won’t forget you.

The Future of the Industry

Will virtual reality be the future of commercial real estate? Will the open office space trend continue in 2018? Will the minimalism concept begin to take retailers by storm? If you understand where the CRE market is going, your clients are likely to trust you to help them make decisions that will not only be sensible now but 10 years from now.

When creating content for your CRE business always remember that it should be valuable, informative and entertaining. Don’t be afraid to let your clients in to see what makes your business tick, and to show them exactly how you can contribute to their success in 2018.

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