The #12DaysOfContentMarketing: #KeepingCRESocial - TWELVE Ways You Can Show Your Clients You Care Through Social Media This Holiday Season


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On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me – TWELVE ways you can use social media to show your clients you care!

Our presence on social media often represents the chaos in our lives. We’re all pushing out content, showcasing our own businesses and agendas that we sometimes forget the people that have helped us to get where we are today – our clients! Show your clients you care this holiday season by taking a step back from your usual content strategy, and engage the people who have made your business what it is today!

#1. Invite them to a special event.

Maybe it’s an open house at your office with cocktails and appetizers or a toy drive in your community, but inviting your clients to special events where you aren’t trying to sell them anything or asking for much in return will make them feel extra special this holiday season.

#2. Manage an online mastermind group for them.

Because you’re working with so many clients in specific fields and industries, why not set up a Facebook group for your clients to network? They’ll appreciate your interest in their business and your willingness to connect them with like-minded individuals.

#3. Support their online presence.

The last thing your clients will expect is regular engagement from their CRE professional on their social media channels. Comment on their posts. Like their photos. Show your support and they’ll never forget it.

#4. Share their successes.

Did one of your clients just have a successful launch? Did they just expand their business? Share their successes on social media to give them the promotion they deserve.

#5. Appreciate their engagement.

When your clients interact with your CRE business on social media, make sure to tell them how much you appreciate it. Do they regularly like and share your content? Send them a nice note or leave a comment that you appreciate the support.

#6. Ask for their feedback.

People appreciate when others value their opinion and that includes your clients. Ask them what they think about a recent post you shared, or request their input on some content you’re creating. It’s nice to have your opinion valued, and we’re certain your clients will feel the same.

#7. Share your charitable giving.

Your clients will feel that much better about working with you if they know you’re giving back to their community. Post about any volunteer work or charitable giving that your CRE company is doing, and share those warm and fuzzies with your social media audience.

#8. Make them laugh.

Just because you’re a professional company doesn’t mean your social media presence always has to be professional. Share a few posts a week with the sole intent of making your audience laugh. They’ll appreciate the moment to forget about the stress of business.

#9. Help them in their business.

Can you offer your clients referrals through social media? Do you have a cost-savings strategy for them when it comes to their real estate needs? Share valuable information, advice or content that serves only to help your clients with their own businesses. They’ll recognize the selflessness.

#10.  Make doing business with you more convenient.

Can your clients reach you through Facebook Messenger? Can they set up an appointment with you through Twitter? The convenience of reaching you while on a platform they already use throughout their day will make it that much easier to work with you! And they will appreciate the time you save them.

#11. Stay consistent.

For those clients that regularly follow you on social media, they will appreciate knowing exactly when you’re sharing new content and what they can expect from you. Stick to a structured content plan and you’ll always have loyal followers.

#12. Thank them for their business and support.

Ultimately, the best way to show your appreciation is through thanks. Periodically thank your audience for their support and interest in your content. For those that regularly engage with you, send them a quick personal message that will surely make their holiday.

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