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On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me – SEVEN days of social media content.

It’s likely you already know that there is a strategy for the days of the week and the times of day you should share your social media posts, but what about the types of posts you share based on what day it is? We all have different moods based on the day of the week it is. I mean, it’s not called Fri-YAY or Sunday Funday for nothing, right? So, why not further connect with your target audience by sharing in the happiness or misery of your most or least favorite days of the week?!

Manic Monday

Poor Monday. It’s likely the world’s least favorite day of the week. It’s home to the #MondayBlues and #ManicMonday. It’s that dreaded day back to work for most people. Share something to lighten the mood or commiserate with the other Monday-haters and your audience will surely relate. If you want to turn the mood around, try an uplifting post for #MotivationMonday to encourage your business-owning clients to embrace the new week.

Transformation Tuesday

Tuesday is notorious for the hashtag #TransformationTuesday, and what could be more perfect for a commercial real estate professional? Use Tuesdays to share your best space remodels or an updated property.

Wednesday Wisdom

Part of building an engaged target audience that trusts you with their important business and real estate decisions is to offer your expertise and wisdom! Share some important statistics around commercial real estate. Offer up some insight into the direction the market is taking, or new up and coming neighborhoods that will likely blow up in the next year or two. Make sure your audience is as informed as you are!

Throwback Thursday

The always famous #ThrowbackThursday! How has your business changed? How has life changed for your successful past clients? What did some of your recently remodeled or historic properties look like when they were first built? Use Throwback Thursday to share some of your favorite memories whether they are embarrassing photos of your staff or the before photo from a great remodel.

Friday Fun

Friday is likely everyone’s favorite day of the week. It means the beginning of those coveted weekends and the end of another long and stressful work week. Celebrate with your audience and share something funny or lighthearted, maybe even a silly meme. Embrace the excitement on social media by driving home your audience’s love for this favorite day.

Selfie Saturday and Sunday Funday

Weekends are always for fun, light hearted posts. Think of weekends as the “dress down” days of your buttoned-up professional week. Try snapping a selfie with one of your best clients, or some celebratory champagne with a business owner that just signed a lease on their next store. Keep the mood light and embrace the good moods of all your followers.

Regardless of what day it is, the most important thing to do this holiday season and every time of the year is to engage your audience and share things they can relate to. If you’re both entertaining and informative, they will keep coming back to your social media and always remember you next time they need an experienced and reputable commercial real estate professional.

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