The #12DaysOfContentMarketing: #KeepingCRESocial - No Two Social Media Platforms Are the Same


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On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me – no two same social platforms.

When it comes to developing your own social media strategy, it might seem easy to create content that will be valuable to your audience that is in line with your recognizable brand and then blast it out to all your different social media platforms – but is that the right approach?

If you’re serious about building an engaged audience that will result in valuable traffic being driven to your website and ultimately, your business, then you need to understand that no two social media platforms are created equal.

Not only are different platforms meant for different kinds of content, they often attract vastly different audiences. So, what kind of CRE content should you be sharing on your different social media platforms? We’re here to break it down so you can create a smart, comprehensive strategy to drive the right business back to your CRE company this new year.

Facebook – It’s all about video.

For the past several years Facebook has evolved as a platform driven mostly by viral articles and videos. As you develop the marketing strategy for your CRE business it’s likely you already understand the importance of using video to engage your target audience. Not only is it an invaluable way to showcase your brand and personality, it’s a proven medium to maximize engagement.

Instagram – Sharing your best photos.

Giving your target audience a glance into your CRE business is done best through the beautiful photos you’ll share on your Instagram page. Maybe it’s a nice shot of a hot new property, the office holiday party, or a charitable event with a caption sharing your passion for giving back as a company. Instagram is the ideal platform for sharing those visually pleasing photos with heart-warming or informative stories to strengthen your brand identity.

Twitter – Offering up the news and other timely content.

The wonderful world of Twitter can change at the drop of a hat. Sometimes it’s even treated as a forum or message board with timely comments and quickly updated commentary. Share your latest blog post or that CRE Tech News article you found relevant for your target audience. Most of those Twitter diehards will be looking to the platform for the latest news and interesting tidbits for their own comments. Don’t disappoint them!

LinkedIn – All business, all the time!

For those CRE companies looking to LinkedIn to share their content, it’s best to keep it professional. That shouldn’t be too tough since CRE companies are often targeting professional companies themselves. But LinkedIn has long been held the platform for business news and professional commentary.


This holiday season give yourself and your CRE company the gift of a strategic social media plan, with important consideration placed on the types of platforms and content you’re sharing. Don’t forget that no two platforms are the same and just as you wouldn’t give everyone in your life the same gift for Christmas you need to tailor your content to the right audience!

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